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Intex or Bestway, which pool is better?

During your search for an outdoor pool, you have probably already come across the Bestway and Intex swimming pools. Both brands make different models and therefore something for everyone. But which above ground pool should you choose? Here we list the various options for you.

Intex Easy Set or Bestway Fast Set

Do you have a small garden or do you want a small swimming pool? Then the Intex Easy Set or the Bestway Fast Set could be something for you! To determine which of the two is the best choice for you, we list the differences for you:

SpecificationsIntex Easy SetBestway Fast Set
MaterialsLaminated PVCTri-tech materials
Price€ 20 - € 400€ 30 - € 200
Size (diameter)183 - 549 cm183 - 549 cm
Sets, including ladder, groundsheet and pool cover457 cm, 549 cm549 cm

Both pools are easy to set up due to the inflatable rim. By filling the pool, the pool will readily take its shape. A 110-120 V pool filter pump is included with both pools. As shown in the table, the larger sizes come with a ladder, groundsheet and a pool cover. All swimming pools have a drain valve to which you can connect your garden hose. This way you can easily drain the pool at the end of the season. However, there are also a number of disadvantages. The inflatable rim easily collapses, causing water to run out of the pool. The Intex Easy Set does not always reach the specified height, while the Bestway Fast Set occasionally comes with holes. In general, both pools are easy to set up and durable. Both also have a good price-quality ratio.

Intex Frame pool or Bestway Steel Pro Max

If you want a more solid pool, than these above ground pools may work for you. These pools also differ in several ways:

SpecificationsIntex Frame Swimming PoolBestway Steel Pro Max
MaterialLaminated PVC liner with a stainless steel and powder steel frameTri-tech material and a rust free steel frame
Price€ 100 - € 500€ 100 - € 600
Size (diameter)305 - 549 cm305 - 457 cm
ShapeRound & RectangularRound & Rectangular
Sets, including ladder, groundsheet and pool cover457 cm, 549 cm457 cm

Both pools have a similar construction. The steel frame forms the pool liner, while a strap made of the same material as the liner provides extra stability. Both the Intex Frame pool and the Bestway Steel Pro Max are easy and quick to set up, so you can quickly enjoy the pool in your garden. A pool filter pump is not always included, but sets including a pump are often available. Both models have a double connection to improve water circulation. To drain the pool easily at the end of the season, a drain valve is included in all pools. The larger sizes include a ladder, groundsheet and pool cover.
Although the models have many positive similarities, there are also some differences in terms of disadvantages. The pump included with an Intex Frame pool is often not strong enough. To compensate, you may need to purchase a separate swimming pool filter pump. The quality of the pump with the Bestway Steel Pro Max can also be disappointing. Both pools are easy to set up, robust and have a good price-quality ratio.

Intex Prism Frame or Bestway Power Steel

If you have a bigger budget then perhaps one of these models will work in your garden. If you want to choose a Bestway swimming pool, this is their largest model. Below you will find the differences to make the right choice:

SpecificationsIntex Prism FrameBestway Power Steel
Material3-layer PVC liner & powdered steel frameTri-tech material and a rust-free steel frame
Price€ 120 - € 1000€ 200 - € 1000
Size (diameter)305 - 732 cm274 - 732 cm
ShapeRound, Rectangular, OvalRound, Rectangular, Oval
Sets including ladder, groundsheet & pool cover427 cm or higher427 cm or higher

The construction of both pools is similar to the models mentioned previously. A pool liner formed by a steel frame with a surrounding band that provides extra stability. Both models are supplied with a pool filter pump. A ladder, groundsheet and pool cover are also included with larger sizes. A disadvantage of the Intex Prism Frame is that the included ladder does not always meet expectations. On the other hand, the included pump is not strong enough according to some users of the Bestway Power Steel. Both pools have a good price-quality ratio, are sturdy and easy to set up.

Intex Ultra XTR Frame

If you have the space and budget for an even bigger pool, the Intex Ultra XTR is for you. This is Intex’s largest model:

SpecificationsIntex Ultra XTR Frame
Material3 Layer liner and a steel frame, of which the inside and the outside is galvanised
Price€ 800 - € 1500
Size (diameter)488 - 975 cm
ShapeRound & Rectangular
Set, including ladder, groundsheet & pool coverAll sizes

The construction is again similar to the previous models with one difference. The steel frame is galvanized which makes it more water tight. The steel frame is easy to assemble using T-connections, which means you don’t need any tools. This Intex pool comes with a pool filter pump, ladder, groundsheet and pool cover. Users have almost no negative experiences with this model. One complaint that has been occasionally mentioned is that the liner may leak. The Intex Ultra XTR Frame is easy to install, robust and has a good price-quality ratio.

The final verdict

As you can see, both brands have a large collection of different, good quality swimming pools. Although a Bestway swimming pool is often cheaper, this can be reflected in the quality. The Intex swimming pool often prove to be of a higher quality. All pools are easy to set up. The frames differ slightly per brand. Bestway, for example, has oval tubes, instead of round ones of Intex. This makes the tube construction more difficult to assemble. The instructions are also more clearly defined by Intex. In terms of pool accessories, Intex offers the widest choice. Bestway, on the other hand, has a greater variety of cleaning products, which facilitates easier pool maintenance. All in all, both pools are a good choice. It therefore depends on your personal situation. Whether you choose an Intex swimming pool or Bestway swimming pool, you are guaranteed years of swimming fun!

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