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How many chlorine tablets are needed in my swimming pool?

Do you know it? That recognisable smell when you walk into an indoor swimming pool? That is chlorine. Chlorine keeps your pool water healthy and clear. It ensures that dirt particles in the water are broken down and bacteria and viruses are killed. Too much or too little chlorine in the pool water can be harmful for the water but also for you. Therefore, it is important that you use the right amount of chlorine.

Here are a few steps on how to find out how many chlorine tablets to put in your pool.

Step 1: determine the pH level of your pool water

For chlorine to do its job optimally, the pH level of your pool must be correct. The pH level is the basis of the pool water and without the correct level the chlorine won’t work at its best. The ideal pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6. But how do you figure this out? It actually is very easy. With the usage of a manual test kit, you can easily test the pH level of your pool water. Is the pH level too low? Then use pH+ powder. Is the pH level too high? Then use pH- powder. It is recommended to test the pH level of your pool twice a week.

Step 2: determine the chlorine level of your pool water

Next to the pH level, the chlorine level in your pool is also of importance. The ideal pool water has a chlorine level between 1 and 1.5 ppm (mg/l). Similar to the pH level is the chlorine level easy to check with a test kit.

Step 3: How many chlorine tablets do I need to add to my swimming pool?

Now that you have determined the pH level and the chlorine level of your pool, it is important to decide how many chlorine tablets you need to add. This depends on the following:

  • The amount of hours of sunshine and the UV index: the more sunshine, the more the chlorine level drops.
  • Bugs and leaves in the swimming pool water: leaves and bugs cause the active chlorine in the pool water to diminish.
  • The number of hours swum per day: the more you swim, the more the chlorine is broken down.

Does your pool water have the proper pH level? Then you can easily calculate the amount of chlorine by calculating 0.013 grams of chlorine per 100 litres of water (number of litres of your pool / 100 x 0.013). For example, do you have a pool of 5000 litre swimming pool? Then add about 1 to 2 chlorine tables of 20 grams to the water. Always allow previous chlorine tablets to dissolve completely before adding new tablets to the pool water.

Tip: do not add the tablets directly to the pool to prevent damaging the upholstery. Make use of a floating chlorine dispenser or first dissolve the tablets in water and spread the liquid over the water surface.

Did you get a little too enthusiastic and did too much chlorine end up in your pool water? That is not a problem at all. Just leave your roller shutter or cover open for a while and the chlorine level will automatically drop through the UV rays of the sun. 

Always read the instructions on your chlorine tablets for the correct dosage. This can vary from brand to brand. Have fun swimming!

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