Order the SunnyTent and swim 130 days a year! | SunnyTent

Order the SunnyTent and swim 130 days a year!

Every year it is the same old story; in early spring, the first rays of the sun appear and the children become impatient. They want to take a dip in the pool now, but the water is still too cold!


No more chattering teeth in the pool

At the start of the season the water in the pool is still very cold. It often takes a long time for the water to warm up. Due to temperature variation, the swimming pool also cools down quickly. As a result, you will only enjoy your swimming pool for a limited number of days every year. You can of course heat the pool through a heat pump, but that takes a lot of energy.

The SunnyTent pool dome works like a greenhouse. As a result, the swimming pool heats up quickly even at lower temperatures (without energy costs) and retains heat. When you partially open the pool dome, it also works as a windshield. This means that you will also enjoy your swimming pool in spring and autumn and on cooler summer days!

A clean swimming pool all year round

During the year, the water in your swimming pool has a hard time. It is quickly polluted by leaves, blossoms, bird droppings and sand. As a result, the pool must be cleaned often and the water replaced regularly. This takes a lot of time, energy and water.

The SunnyTent Pool Tent® encloses the pool, protecting it against dirt from the outside. The swimming pool rarely needs to be cleaned and regular water changes are no longer necessary. With the SunnyTent you can leave the pool out all year round. As a result, you can immediately enjoy your swimming pool again in the spring.

Swim on average 130 days a year with the SunnyTent!

Fun “outside” every day!

  • Always warm and clean water
  • Enjoy swimming from spring to autumn, even with a brisk wind
  • Healthy outdoor play for the kids
  • Warm water up to more than 30 degrees!
  • No extra energy costs
  • Canopy and windshield in one
  • Wind resistant
Zwem 130 dagen per jaar

Zwem 130 dagen per jaar xs

This is what our customers say

  • Karen Wood

    We have had our sunny tent for a couple of weeks now and we are really happy with it. Keeping our pool really warm and free from bits getting in.
    Really impressed, best thing I have bought in lock down so kids can enjoy the pool in all weathers. Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Tim Price

    We decided to get a pool this year. Everyone kept telling me stories of pools in the UK barely being used as too cold. I spent some time researching heating options – but they either looked relatively ineffective or expensive to buy and run… then I stumbled on Sunny Tent that claimed to heat up the water AND provide a warm air environment to swim in. I was sceptical, but customer reviews seemed to confirm it. So we took the plunge, and… it was a great decision. Easy to put up- I did it with my 12 year old daughter. And on a week of average 24h temperature of around 17-18 degrees, the pool (4.8m diam x 1.2 deep) has sat at 28-29 degrees. And, if a bit of a fresh wind the kids just pull down the tent and hitch it to the steps – and all warm inside. This is a purchase I tell all my friends about – love it.

  • Jan Almkvist

    I think it is easy to use
    You do not have to get lots of leaves and leaves in the pool (we live in the forest) plus it keeps the heat well
    I can really recommend this pool cover it works over expected
    Sincerely, Jan Almkvist SWEDEN

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