Pool dome

Can’t summer last long enough for you? Extend your swimming season with the swimming pool tents and domes from SunnyTent! The SunnyTent is a pool dome that keeps the water clean and warm. The tent canvas of the SunnyTent is made of a foil that is used in horticulture. In these greenhouses, the temperature reaches around 25 °C between April and September as the sun heats the greenhouse. This is also the case with the SunnyTent, so you can swim in warm water without any energy costs. Enjoy warm and clean swimming water from spring to autumn.

The SunnyTent is available in different models and sizes. We have a pool dome that fits your pool and your garden. The round SunnyTent is particularly suitable for round and smaller rectangular pools, while the oval SunnyTent is suitable for rectangular and larger pools. Check out our size chart and find out which SunnyTent pool dome fits your pool or hot tub.

Pool tent, what are the features?

If you love swimming, then a pool in your garden is essential. Are you going for a simple inflatable pool, an above-ground pool, or an inground pool? You will encounter the same problems in all the different swimming pools. Namely, that the water gets dirty, leaves, insects, and bird droppings get into it. So you are cleaning the pool more often than you enjoy swimming. Another problem can be that the swimming water can be very cold, there are several solutions for this but they absorb energy. The best solution to keep your pool water clean and warm at the same time is the SunnyTent!

What protection does a pool tent offer?

A swimming pool dome provides protection for the pool itself and protects the pool water. The swimming water is protected because no dirt can get into the pool. The pool dome also ensures that the outside of the pool stays clean and is not easily broken. The SunnyTent stands approximately 40 cm around the pool, so you still have room to walk. In addition, the pool tent protects against wind, rain, light hail, etc. so that you can just keep on swimming. Perfect, right? The SunnyTent protects in many weather conditions, but watch out for the sun. The SunnyTent itself is UV-resistant, but it does let UV rays through. This means that your skin is not protected, although there is a slight slowing down of the rays. So be careful and apply sunscreen.

Order a pool tent at SunnyTent

The SunnyTent pool dome cover is made entirely of European materials. The tent fabric is made of three-layer PE foil, which is fused into one piece. This thick foil is also used in professional horticulture. The poles are made of 12.7 mm thick and strong fiberglass. Because the poles are made of fiberglass, they are slightly flexible and can also bend. Is it time to replace a part? Or is a specific part of the SunnyTent broken? The parts of the pool tent are all available separately in our shop. From a new pole set and swimming pool dome cover to pegs and a hinged anchor, all parts are available.