Pool Dome

A pool enclosure or pool dome is the perfect way to keep your pool clean and warm. You simply place it over your above-ground pool like a dome. This eliminates the need for a heat pump, making huge savings in both purchase and electricity costs. Check out all the advantages of our SunnyTent. It is available in various sizes and shapes.

The advantages of our pool domes

A SunnyTent is like a dome that you place over the pool. Compared to other alternatives, it is therefore a cost-effective pool enclosure, but it also has many other advantages.

1. Keeps the water clean

Almost everyone with an above-ground pool in the backyard encounters the same problems. Namely that the swimming water gets dirty. For instance, leaves, insects or bird droppings can end up in the pool water. You then find yourself cleaning the pool more often than you enjoy swimming. With an above ground pool dome, you cover the pool, preventing dirt from entering. This saves a lot of cleaning work. It also allows you to leave your above-ground pool in winter.

2. Keeps the water warm

With the SunnyTent swimming pool dome, you can enjoy the pool season even longer. The canvas of this pool dome is made of foil used in horticultural greenhouses. In these greenhouses, it gets about 25°C between April and September as the sun heats the greenhouse. This is the same case with our pool enclosures. They heat the pool without any additional energy costs. You can therefore enjoy a clean and warm pool in spring and autumn.

3. Inexpensive alternative to a heat pump

A heat pump is often purchased to heat a swimming pool. However, buying one is expensive. In addition, these devices often consume a lot of power, which also leads to additional costs. With SunnyTent as a pool enclosure, you heat your pool in a sustainable way and it keeps your pool clean.

4. Protected against all kinds of weather

The pool dome covers that you place over the pool also protects your pool from almost all weather conditions such as wind, rain and light hail. You can continue swimming in these conditions. In other words, the SunnyTent protects in many weather conditions, but watch out for the sun. The swimming pool dome itself is UV-resistant, but it does let UV rays through. This means your skin is not protected, although there is a slight inhibition of the rays. So take care and apply sunscreen to yourself.

5. Available in all sizes

The SunnyTent is available in various models and sizes. We have a suitable enclosure for every pool. The round pool dome is especially suitable for round and smaller rectangular pools, while the oval pool dome is suitable for oblong and larger pools. Or go for a pool dome rectangular. Check out our size chart and find out which pool enclosure will fit over your pool or hot tub.

6. Made of high-quality materials

The SunnyTent pool dome is made entirely of European materials. The tent fabric is made of eight-layer PE foil, which is fused into one whole. This thick foil is also used in professional horticulture. The poles are made of 12.7 mm thick and strong glass fibre. Because the sticks are made of glass fibre, they are slightly flexible and can also bend. Is it time to replace a part? The spare parts for our pool domes are all available separately in our shop. From a new pole set and tent foil to turn pegs and a hinged anchor, all parts are available.

Which pool enclosure fits your pool?

Wondering which pool enclosure fits your pool best? And what should you pay attention to? Or do you want a hot tub tent? Below we list a few tips to help you choose the right size SunnyTent.

  • The SunnyTent needs space. Allow at least 25 cm free space around the tent and at least 40 cm at the back (for opening the tent).
  • Take the outer dimensions of your pool and measure the maximum possible distance.
  • Does your pool have a rim, skimmer or other protruding parts? Include these in your calculation so they also fit in the SunnyTent.
  • If your pool is not in the size table, choose a slightly larger pool size from the table. Not satisfied? Please contact our customer service.

Size table for round pools:

Diameter pool (in ft)Height pool (in inch)Best size SunnyTent
D = 0 - 11.5H = max. 51Round M
D = 11.5 - 12H = max. 48Round M
D = 12H = 52Round L
D = 13H = 33Round M
D = 12 – 15.1H = max. 48Round L
D = 13.1H = 59.1Round L
D = 15.7H = 48.8Round L
D = 15.7H = 52Round L+
D = 16H = 48Round L+
D = 16.1 – 18.8H = max. 52Round XL
D = 18.7H = 53.1Round XL

What does a pool enclosure cost?

The cost of a pool enclosure depends partly on the size and shape of the swimming pool dome. The round pool enclosure costs between €399 and €799. Oval pool dome covers prices range between €799 and €899.


Frequently asked questions about pool domes


A pool dome over your outdoor pool has many advantages. The biggest advantage is that the water is heated by UV rays, so you can swim in warm water from spring to autumn. In addition, the sun heats the water in your pool for free, so there are no high energy costs! The SunnyTent pool tent also ensures that no dirt gets into the water. This means the water stays cleaner longer and you don't have to change it as often. Make sure you check the pH and chlorine levels regularly so that the water stays really clean.
Setting up the pool dome is slightly different for each size of SunnyTent. For example, the XL SunnyTent has more poles than the M, which means that a double pole must be inserted into the tunnel. So if you are looking for a manual specifically for a certain size of pool dome, check out our instruction videos and/or manuals. In general, these steps are the same for all tents:
  • Place 2 locking pegs in a straight line, at the correct distance from each other (this differs per tent).
  • Replace the 2 locking pegs with the hinged anchors, driving them straight into the ground until the pins touch the ground.
  • Unfold the tent foil. Slide the poles into the connectors. Make sure the poles slide into the tunnels for each individual sheet of foil.
  • Now position the SunnyTent between the two hinged anchors. Place the pole sets on the pins of the hinged anchor. Make sure that the pole sets are placed completely over the pins.
  • Pull the SunnyTent up until it forms a complete circle/oval. Shake the SunnyTent both horizontally and vertically at the same time. This distributes the tent foil well between the poles.
  • Secure the tent with the twisting pegs. Be careful not to damage the foil.
  • Attach the guy line and you can open the SunnyTent by 2/3 or completely.
At SunnyTent we have pool domes in many sizes, for your jacuzzi to your long rectangular pool. The round pool dome is available in sizes M: 4.40m x 2.20m (ØxH), L: 5.40m x 2.70m, L+: 5.90m x 2.95m, XL: 6.40m x 3.20m. The oval pool domes are available in M: 6.50m (L) x 4.40m (W) x 2.40m (H), L: 7.50m x 5.40m x 2.70m. Check out our size chart to see which pool tent fits your pool.
This depends on the size and shape of the SunnyTent dome. The round pool dome costs between €419 and €819. The prices of the oval pool tent are €799 and €899.