Round pool dome

Looking for a round pool dome? The round SunnyTent is perfect for round and rectangular pools, including in-ground ones. The SunnyTent is a pool dome and pool heater in one. This means that dirt does not get into the water and the water is heated. At SunnyTent we have several sizes of round pool domes, the most popular size is the SunnyTent Round L. Do you have a large rectangular pool, then go for the Oval SunnyTent. Check which size SunnyTent fits around your pool using our size chart.

The SunnyTent is made of high-quality materials. For example, the tent fabric is made of three-layer PE film that is fused into one. This thick foil is also used in professional horticulture and is very sun-resistant. In addition, the pole sets are made of strong fiberglass from Germany. The swimming pool dome is manufactured entirely in Europe and according to European production standards.

The advantages of a round pool dome

The SunnyTent pool cover is the best way to cover your pool and heat it your pool. No more cold or dirty swimming water! These are not the only advantages of the pool tent. One of the other advantages is that the SunnyTent uses no energy to heat the water, so no energy costs either! In addition, the pool tent retains the warmth of the water so you can enjoy it from spring to autumn. Because the cover is placed over the pool, the water stays clean and you do not have to change the water as often. This saves litres of water. Keep the water extra clean by using chlorine and other cleaning products.

When can I go swimming in the SunnyTent?

Do you get the urge to go swimming in the spring? So do we! With the SunnyTent swimming pool dome, you can extend the swimming season by several months. You can usually start swimming as early as April. Of course, it varies from year to year, but by then there are no hard frosts and the temperature outside is between 10 and 15 degrees. The SunnyTent works like a greenhouse. From April to September the average temperature in a greenhouse is 25 °C, so you can enjoy your swimming pool or hot tub until the end of September!

Order a pool tent at SunnyTent

The round pool dome remains standing well in the wind. But where you set up the SunnyTent affects its wind resistance. If the tent is placed in a more sheltered location, it can withstand higher wind forces than if it were placed in an open space. You should however fold the SunnyTent when there is a strong wind or storm. This ensures that the tent remains intact. If you want extra sturdiness, we recommend using the cross pole set.

Are you planning to leave the SunnyTent up during the winter? You can, as the materials are winterproof. However, we recommend folding up the SunnyTent when there is snow or sleet falls so that the weight on the tent does not cause it to collapse. For the larger sizes of the SunnyTent round pool dome, we do not recommend leaving the tents outside during the winter. Due to its size, the tent remains sensitive, even with a cross pole set. You can find more information in our manuals.