Hot tub tent

Do you have a hot tub in your garden and are you looking for a tent that keeps the water warm and keeps the dirt out? The SunnyTent is the perfect hot tub tent and pool dome!

The features of a hot tub tent

The advantages of the hot tub dome are mainly that the water stays warm and dirt stays out of the hot tub. The hot tub water is heated because the SunnyTent is made of a material that comes from the professional horticultural industry. This tent foil is made of a three-layer PE foil that is melted into one whole. The tent foil is very resistant to sunlight and heats everything in it.

Normally, a hot tub is heated with every use to reach the ideal temperature. This takes a lot of energy. With the hot tub dome from SunnyTent, you just turn on your hot tub once and then you can continue to enjoy it with the SunnyTent over it. This way you save a lot of energy and thus energy costs. Even when the sun is not shining directly, the water is heated.

Order a hot tub tent at Sunnytent

The hot tub tent keeps the water clean by preventing leaves, bird droppings, and other debris from entering the water. A normal hot tub cover does this, but the SunnyTent hot tub dome also keeps the outside of the hot tub clean and beautiful. So you can enjoy your hot tub longer! In addition, you can sit in the hot tub protected from rain and wind. If you are longing for fresh air, simply open up the hot tub dome. You can open it all the way or up to one-third.

The hot tub tent is available in six different sizes, and in addition to the round SunnyTent, we also have the oval SunnyTent. Find out which size tent fits your hot tub using our size chart.