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SunnyTent Oval size M

Every SunnyTent is supplied complete with all necessary accessories (packed in two boxes). The price quoted includes shipping costs, so no surprises!


(73 customer reviews)

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Every SunnyTent is supplied complete with all necessary accessories (packed in two boxes). The price quoted includes shipping costs, so no surprises!

Product Features

  •  The Oval SunnyTent opens along the two long (straight) sides. Both sides can be opened by rolling them upwards. The SunnyTent remains upright intact. You have, as it were, two large doors that can be opened on the sides of the tent. It is also possible to fold down the entire SunnyTent, but this is a bit more work (especially if you want to close the tent again). You then remove the entire “centre section” of the SunnyTent, so that the two “head sections” of the SunnyTent fold all the way down to the ground.
  • Complete set for soft surfaces (no extra accessories required)
  •  Strong / thick tent foil; made from three-layer PE film (fused into one). This foil is also used in professional horticulture (throughout Europe). The foil can withstand reasonably rough handling, is durable and is very sun resistant.
  •  The tent consists of 3 parts: 2 head sections and 1 centre section.
  •  10 sturdy, slightly flexible 12.7 mm fiberglass pole sets. Each pole set consists of 9 pole parts, 8 short connectors and 2 long connectors.
  • Compact to store (in the original boxes; dimensions can be found under Additional Information)
  •  All fastening materials must be fixed in the ground. Discover the possibilities for placing a SunnyTent on a paved or other hard surface.
  • The pole tunnels of the SunnyTent are now white, on request.
  •  A closed SunnyTent is almost watertight (but not 100%).
  •  Setting up the Oval SunnyTent is most convenient if the swimming pool is not yet installed. If the pool is already up, this is a bit trickier.

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73 reviews for SunnyTent Oval size M

  1. Jan Almkvist

    I think it is easy to use
    You do not have to get lots of leaves and leaves in the pool (we live in the forest) plus it keeps the heat well
    I can really recommend this pool cover it works over expected
    Sincerely, Jan Almkvist SWEDEN

  2. Tim Price

    We decided to get a pool this year. Everyone kept telling me stories of pools in the UK barely being used as too cold. I spent some time researching heating options – but they either looked relatively ineffective or expensive to buy and run… then I stumbled on Sunny Tent that claimed to heat up the water AND provide a warm air environment to swim in. I was sceptical, but customer reviews seemed to confirm it. So we took the plunge, and… it was a great decision. Easy to put up- I did it with my 12 year old daughter. And on a week of average 24h temperature of around 17-18 degrees, the pool (4.8m diam x 1.2 deep) has sat at 28-29 degrees. And, if a bit of a fresh wind the kids just pull down the tent and hitch it to the steps – and all warm inside. This is a purchase I tell all my friends about – love it.

  3. Karen Wood

    We have had our sunny tent for a couple of weeks now and we are really happy with it. Keeping our pool really warm and free from bits getting in.
    Really impressed, best thing I have bought in lock down so kids can enjoy the pool in all weathers. Thanks a lot!!!!

  4. Carol Probert

    Water is now at 84 and probably will get higher x been great as a family in lockdown

  5. Jo Taylor

    We bought this for a few reasons are we are now in second 2nd year of use.
    1-keeps the water much warmer. The kids have been going in from April.
    2-keeps it clean. No debris can fall in 3-security. Kids (and animals) can’t get in without us knowing.
    We are so happy this is one of our top purchases of all times!

  6. alli barker

    We figured as the corona virus wouldn’t allow us a holiday this year we would get a SunnyTent for our pool. We ordered the largest one to cover our pool and its great. We put it up at the beginning of April and the kids have been in the pool every day which they would not have been without the tent over. Its really warm in the tent and it obviously keeps the wind off them so when they get out they are not freezing, they get dried in there and sometimes just stay out there and play in the tent then get back in the pool. We have a chair in the and just leave all the towels out there as they dry in there as its so warm, its also a bonus that you don’t have to cover the pool over every night like we used to. They went in there the other day when it was raining, its really good. We have quite a windy garden put it seems ok, it blows around a bit but the stakes are in strong enough. We did have a problem with one of the centre panels when putting it up but they sent a new one out straight away which arrived in 3 days. SunnyTent has great customer service which is very rare to find these days. We love our tent, it wasn’t cheap but its well worth the money if you want to swim every day.

  7. Marion Putman

    Very happy with the honesty of SUNNY TENT who advised us not to buy a sunny tent. We needed the largest tent to fit our pool. They suggested that because it would be placed in the middle of open, exposed space, it wasn’t a good idea. The winds might be too strong and the tent would have no protection against strong wind and all could get blown down. SUNNYTENT – THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONEST AND OPEN ADVICE.

  8. Claire

    Probably no holiday this year due to the Corona crisis. So I bought a Sunny tent. We can stay at home. It’s already set up!

  9. Christina Kilgour

    Absolutely brilliant, enhanced our swimming . Kids love it.

  10. Daniel hovell(verified owner)

    The sunny tent has transformed our pool. We all as a family of 5 now swim in the pool every Day and even of a late evening. The water is literally nearly Bath temperature. Another added bonus is it keeps alot of debrie out which was a constant battle before.

  11. Sarah

    This arrived very quickly and with 2 of us easy to install. It keeps the pool clean and I think it keeps the heat in well (I have a heater so difficult to tell 100%). Yes it’s expensive but I thinks it’s worth the money.

  12. Chris Roebuck

    Sunny tent is fantastic my pool is heated but I have to keep turning my heater down as it is getting to hot
    thanks again
    I have made a frame around my pool and fixed it so it opens fully it just what we wanted

  13. Mark Price

    we have had our sunnytent now for a week and it’s the best thing we’ve ever brought! In the uk we have varied weather but the water temp was 30 degrees today and was lovely to swim in. Many thanks for your product

  14. Lynne Betts

    We really love our Sunny Tent it stops the leaves from falling in and the water is really warm now.

  15. Vicky Bradley

    We have just got our Sunny Tent. The weather hasn’t been sunny at all as we all know! Its spent the past 2 weeks raining!!! So we also have just bought a pool heater too. The plan being the pool heater is on for when its not sunny (like now) and the tent will heat up the pool when it is sunny and save money on the pool heater costs. But what is brilliant and I hadn’t really thought about it until we put the tent up is we have just been in our pool, it raining outside and not very warm. The temp of the water was only up to 23 (28/29 is usually the recommended outdoor pool temp) but because we had the sunny tent over there was no wind chill and the air temp in there was nice and warm so we could swim and it was a really nice temperature. Basically its the air temp that is the issue quite often and makes you too cold. So even if its not particularly sunny at the moment this tent made it so we could swim even though its raining and less than warm outside. I also anticipate that when we do finally get some sunny weather that it will also serve us well when keeping the direct sun off us. Its brilliant swimming when the rain is beating it down above your head but you are nice and warm! For anyone thinking about getting one of these, I cant recommend it enough!

  16. J. Goodway

    What a useful invention, that sunny tent. Our children are already swimming in the pool, even though it is only spring. That will be a big party this summer ….. Glad with our purchase!

  17. Niclas

    Jag haft en i 3år!! Har den uppe över min pool året runt! Mindre städning o värmer super! Love it????????????????

    I enjoyed one for 3 years !! Have it all over my pool all year round! Less cleaning and heating super! Love it????????????????

  18. Johan Eriksson

    Very Good. Instantly the water temperature increased by 4° Celsius.

  19. Tony Gould

    Easy to put together in under an hour with two people

  20. Lynn Kerrigan

    This has to be the best pool item I have ever bought! Every year I look for ways to heat and keep clean the pool, I just happened to stumble across SunnyTent and I pondered over the purchase as it was being shipped from the Netherlands! I bit the bullet and thought well I’m sure all will be ok! Well I’m overwhelmed with it, as it really does heat the water and it keeps the pool water so clean! I would recommend this purchase, and the customer services and aftercare are exemplary! Well done SunnyTent I hope you make a lot of money from this ingenious invention! And it means we can swim in the pool when it’s windy and dull!
    Thank you so much

  21. Lynn Kerrigan

    We enjoyed an evening swim last night under the tent it was amazing! It’s the best pool item I have ever bought! Are they fairly new? As every year I look for things to cover my pool? Now I can have a warm pool with no debris in it, and I don’t have to rely on the solar cover and heater! SunnyTent is the best…

  22. Graham and Helen Rhodes

    Thank you it was an enquiry from a friend who saw mine on facebook which i installed about a month ago.
    IT IS BRILLIANT. NOT BEEN VERY WARM HERE IN KENT UK BUT AFTER 2 DAYS WITH HEATER ON water got up to temperature and despite some cold nights temperature is usually 25 in morning going up to 27 very quickly. outside air temperature has been about 20 with some sun.
    great product.

  23. Lucy Cranston

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for sorting the poles out. They arrived and the tent is perfect again. I have recommended you to several others who have seen it and thought it a great idea for our unpredictable weather!

  24. Marc Hamilton

    I think this is one of the best things I have bought. It will extend the swimming season, I have noticed the air heat source pump is hardly coming on at all, probably the best of all is water is crystal clear and as i have a load of Oak trees just behind the pool with the SunnyTent none of the seeds can get into the pool, agony though if you forget to sweep up! Another really good thing with the SunnyTent is the very simple design easily put up and most of all the customer service is fantastic.

  25. Lorraine Mitchell

    Like having an indoor pool water stays clear and gets very warm.

  26. Marieke Rattray

    We love the sunny tent! Saw it for the first time when staying with my friend in Holland and ordered one straight away. The water is 36 degrees today!!! It enabled us to use the pool from April to October and most of the time it is lovely and warm. Our kids couldn’t swim and by being in the pool for 1 school holiday they had the confidence to learn to swim. Had the water been cold, they would not have been in the water so often. Recommend it to all my English friends who’ve never heard of it!

  27. Michelle Motton

    It’s amazing water warms up lovely and keeps water clean. On the second day of being up water was 34°. Well worth the money. I’m one happy customer ?

  28. Gemma

    Only four days old and four degrees warmer!! Loving our new SunnyTent!

  29. Antony Boorman

    Our first year with a SunnyTent and we will never go without one again, it’s amazing , has warmed our pool up, and means with our UK weather we will get more use from our pool as can go in when weather isn’t so nice . Our 8 year old son wouldn’t go in the pool last year as too cold , this year we cannot get him out, we are very happy .

  30. Irma Konijnenberg

    “Now I do not have to remove the soft safety pad of the trampoline, it stays nicely clean thanks to the TrampolineTent of SunnyTent. A trampoline liner is no longer necessary.”

  31. Jorrit Venneman

    “Even with the SunnyTent completely closed, my son of 1.75 meters can make somersaults on the trampoline. Therefore, the SunnyTent is nicknamed the spring tent at our home.”

  32. Annemarie Gijzers

    “Thanks to the trampoline tent of SunnyTent, we can get our children away from behind the games console in the winter. Our in-ground trampoline is now used all year round.”

  33. anja de baerdemaeker

    Since Wednesday, we own the SunnyTent large, so almost one week today. The pool water is blissful; in one week 10 degrees warmer. I could not go without it anymore. Today, we enjoyed it the entire day and it no longer needs a pool cover in the evening. This one is closed in three seconds. Today we used our purification pump for an hour, even though it was not necessary. Just one word: blissful.

  34. Esther Gebreurs

    “In summertime we use the SunnyTent for our swimming pool. In winter time, our kids are jumping on the trampoline in a T-shirt, because the TrampolineTent keeps away the wind perfectly.”

  35. Stephan

    Originally bought for the cover (trees in the garden) and the possibility to swim sheltered after sunset and when there’s more wind. Phoned about size and was politely called back. Meanwhile checked out the pool cover over 3.60 diameter at local dealership “speelactief.nl” fit. In stock and immediately picked up. We were sceptical about the “hot water without heating” story. But it is really fantastic. Always hot water (even on cloudy days and cooler weather). And not 20 to 24 degrees as before, but rather 28 to 32 degrees. This is what I had a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y n-o-t expected. Recommended. The kids of 6 and 9 happy. And we are as well!

  36. Nicole

    People who doubt the purchase: buy the SunnyTent and you will not regret it. At the moment, our water is 31°C and – to be honest- we not had much sun in Belgium. Our children and grandchildren are LOVING IT.

  37. Els de Wit-Magnée

    I am so happy with our SunnyTent,
    Swimming in cold water is now over.
    The water is always warm and clean,
    even in the Netherlands, where I live.
    No pool cover required,
    and the heating is also no longer needed.
    Leave the tent a little bit open,
    and we are not turning away from the pool.
    Even my 3-month young granddaughter,
    has now become a regular jumper.
    Lovely water of around 30 degrees,
    is great for a baby to bath in.
    She now got her mom and dad a subscription,
    to swim at her grandparents’ SunnyTent.
    (Dutch rhyme)

  38. Kelly Meunier

    The kids cannot wait to try the SunnyTent, already first thing in the morning. They really love it, no wind or rain keeps them from having wonderful swimming holidays. We are very happy with this purchase.

  39. Jannie Hopman

    Last year we bought the SunnyTent with you and already had a lot of fun with it. The last couple of years, our pool has been little used. Our kids thought it was often too cold and when it finally became a bit warm, by then the pool was very dirty. Especially because of the many high trees nearby. A pool cover proved to be useless… Last year we bought the SunnyTent and the pool is used so extensively, fantastic, rain or shine. Sometimes even a quick midday dip in the pool before going back to school. Also very nice in the evening, they are still talking about swimming in the pool late one dark evening last year. Setting up the first time went very well, also dismantling and clearing away was easy so we were curious how this was going to be in the second year. Well, just as easy, maybe even easier. The tent is still in perfect condition, the quality is very good. I can highly recommend it. It is not cheap to buy, but the quality is more than okay and you can make use of it for years in the (by the SunnyTent extended!) swimming season.

  40. Klarien Buytenhuis

    Our pool water stays pretty clean, thanks to the SunnyTent!
    Great compliments for this!
    Even swimming in the rain, nothing holds us back.
    In nice weather, we open the tent half-way, I recommend the SunnyTent to everyone!

  41. Hans Weerheim

    Already on 12 May my kids were in the pool. The SunnyTent has been a very good purchase, now we can make much more use of the pool, even when it rains.

  42. Peter Engelbos

    Weatherman Frank Deboosere called up this weekend to stop whining about the bad weather.
    With a SunnyTent over the pool this is a very easy job, Frank! We have already had hours of water fun.
    “So clever, so nice, so comfortably warm …” echoes in our court.
    Dear weatherman Frank: now only summer for Mom and Dad next to our swimming pool!

  43. Tineke Vos

    Hi, we bought our SunnyTent early June. And with this particular very wet summer, we’ve had a lot of fun in our pool. It has regularly been 30 degrees, even 32 without extra heating. And if you only open the tent a little bit, the air temperature in the tent also stays nice and warm. Highly recommended, very happy.

  44. Claudia Jaeken

    The tent was set up on Monday (7 days so), but it is already the purchase of the year. Water of around 25 degrees, a sub-tropical air when the tent is closed (with a little sun), three mega-happy and enthusiastic children who only think of swimming, and that with an outside temperature of approximately 20 degrees, at least one shower every day and also wind. In the words of the children: a warm pool to play in our own holiday world!

  45. Fam. Vesper

    Dear members of SunnyTent, I’m glad we bought this cover (SunnyTent). The water stays amazingly clean and warm. Easy to operate for opening and closing and fits perfectly over the pool. The rainwater which usually falls in the pool, is also non-existent and no more fiddling with a pool cover.
    Only had trouble getting the pegs of the hinge pieces in the ground, I’ve had to use longer ones, but that’s a detail. This also was because of the thicker stone.
    Furthermore, the tent works fine and, as we already said, do not regret buying it.

  46. Henk Jobse

    Thanks to the SunnyTent, we already enjoyed bathing fun in our warm pool! It is already the second season, and we still have a lot of fun with it.

  47. Etienne Stouten

    Our kids’ enjoyment is unaffected by the weather.
There’s always fun on the trampoline in Rosmalen, thanks to SunnyTent.

  48. Theo Bolhuis

    At first I thought: “Is it really a good investment for our pool?”
Now we have the SunnyTent, I am very happy with it, no more rain in the pool. No more leaves, we can swim in the rain with the roof ‘closed’ but the best and most environment-friendly is the water temperature. After a few dark days the temperature had warmed already 6 degrees. We are now one week on and the water has reached the lovely temperature of 32 degrees. All in all a very good investment for our pool.

  49. Fam. Rosez

    Belgium. Summer. Usually not the best combination. Especially now, it feels more like autumn.
    Then – full of expectation – you put out the pool, and then it is only 18 degrees in the first week of July.
    So not really swimming weather. To have a bit of a pleasant water temperature, it should be plenty of sunshine for a few days.
    Or you have to heat up the water electrically, but it is still too cold when out of the water.
    But a couple of weeks ago, our SunnyTent came. And even though it’s only 18 degrees outside, the water is 25 degrees.
    And with the tent half closed, the kids do not even feel the wind. The kids are happy, we are happy. And we, more shivery types than our children, even enjoy a splash contest…

  50. Bas Cornelissen

    In May we bought our SunnyTent.
    We are still awaiting summer, but we’ve already had lots of fun with it! We have never been in the pool so often!
    Highest temperature was two weeks ago, 32 degrees!
    Also at night we are in there regularly!
    A world-class invention and an absolute must!
    My son has a lot of fun in there too!

  51. Toetie Witbraad

    I’m super happy with the SunnyTent already for 2 years.
    Always summer in the Netherlands.
    The water is warm for swimming despite the cold summer we have now.
    Ideal for keeping the pool clean.
    Easy to set up.
    No, I do not want to be without the SunnyTent ever again.

  52. Tina Meese

    We purchased the SunnyTent last year, and we must say it is more than its money’s worth, where we live there are many trees so there are also many leaves – which are now stopped from getting into the pool by our SunnyTent. Besides it can be set up very easily and is very strong because despite hail, rain, snow and wind, the SunnyTent still looks as good as last year. The temperature of the water is always nice and even when it rained, my daughter was in her pool. Then we kept it half closed. The water remains very clean, as long as you throw in a chlorine tablet occasionally, which is normal in still water. We rate the SunnyTent with a big 10/10. Both for usage, setting up and clean water. It’s a pleasure to have and maybe an idea for those who find the tent expensive, since this is how we have done it: I myself, my father and the father of my daughter have each given 100 Euros. Also you can – for example – mention at a birthday party that you rather prefer pennies, and if you’re still falling short, maybe Mum and Dad or grandparents can add some, since it is well worth its money and there’s years of enjoyment for large and small.
    Sincerely, satisfied customers

  53. Nico Rens

    The SunnyTent is just that what we were looking for, out of the wind, without electricity, less cleaning, and endless hours of fun for the kids (and of course for ourselves…), we’ve only had the SunnyTent for three days but all three days have been total fun for our family with a pool of 457 cm x 122 cm and 29 degrees (mixed!) pool water temperature while it is now only 23 degrees outside on 11 June. Our SunnyTent size is “large” and fits perfectly over the pool. Setting up is easy thanks to the clear instruction video on the website!
    Sincerely, Nico.

  54. Danny Swijns

    This is really great this SunnyTent… Water heats up faster and stays warm longer and even in chilly wind or rain you can swim. A big advantage is that your water stays clean much longer and when playing with the ball you never have to get out to get the ball… We’ve had the SunnyTent now for 2 years and it is still very much in shipshape. We dismantle it in the winter and place indoors…

  55. Danitsja Mulder

    We have a SunnyTent and believe me it really works! Water temperature remains constant and when the sun shines, the water quickly heats up. At ours, the water is now 28 degrees without adding any hot water. Highly recommended… crystal clear water.

  56. Fam. v.Hardeveld

    We would like to let you know that we are very satisfied with our SunnyTent, which we bought a year ago. The water warms up very quickly by the sun, it is also very nice that you can sit sheltered from the wind with closed or half closed tent.
    Also, the aftersales service is very good.

  57. Karen

    Unbelievable. Filled the pool on Saturday with cold water, large pool of about 4.50 meters diameter. Three days later, it now has a temperature of – yes – 27 degrees. This is delightful. If only we had known this before.

  58. Diana Scheepers

    Ideal! Very happy that we bought this last year! And it is not just a ‘plastic tent’, you know. But you can only judge this when you actually use it. Really saves a lot of electricity, because you don’t need the heater anymore. When the kids are at school, keep it closed. Then the sun heats the water or keeps the water warm from the previous day. Still continue to circulate for a regular heat. No more sand, leaves or dirty animals in the water. Saves also in cleaning. Kids back from school, (semi) open the tent, depending on the wind, and they can get in. In case of rain, they can also get in because the water is warm. And I do not mean shower temperature huh, but great for swimming. I say ‘go for it!’ No regrets !! ?

  59. Nancy de Man

    The SunnyTent is definitely worth its money. Last year, we have had so much more fun from our pool. And fewer chemicals are needed to keep everything up, which is also a great advantage. The kids can now swim very often. If the day was less warm, we opened the tent slightly and they could simply swim anyway.

  60. Marcus en Willy Dijkstra

    We want to thank you for designing the SunnyTent, we are extremely satisfied with it. Originally, we bought it to protect our grandchildren of three years and 18 months old. But the tent has heated up our pool so quickly that we have made more frequent use of it compared to last year. Already for some time, the water has a temperature of 30 degrees. We highly recommend you!
    Greetings from Mark and Willy Dijkstra.

  61. Bjorn Cooremans

    After our pool was scratched to pieces by our cats, we were looking for a replacement. We also decided to buy a SunnyTent (we had seen on Facebook). However, I sent an email on Sunday that we were not so much at home and had bad experiences with courier companies. But I was at home on Wednesday, it would be super nice if the tent could be delivered then. On that same Sunday, I received a return email with the promise that if all was arranged, the tent would be shipped to us on. As indeed it was… Wonderful service!
    The tent itself exceeds my wildest expectations. It was super-fast to set up and the quality is very good. The water is always warm, and despite the pool being half placed under a tree, the water is completely clean. An additional benefit is that our cats can no longer reach the pool, unless they really want to make an effort.
    All I can do is recommend the SunnyTent, our kids are very happy, and me too, by the way!

  62. Christel van der Woning

    Wow, what a wonderful invention the SunnyTent is. The pool water is a nice temperature, so you go in the pool quicker. Even if the weather is a bit cool you use it as a shelter and it’s nice and warm underneath. Erecting the SunnyTent is quick and easy, thanks to the instruction video that you can play online. Highly recommended.

  63. Kristof Verjans

    Wednesday evening 24 June we built our SunnyTent. Thursday morning, 25 June, started filling the pool with cold water and in the evening it was 28 degrees. What a great invention. Today, 28 June, the water is 29 degrees!
    I can recommend SunnyTent to everyone. The children are now able to swim for four days, this time was otherwise needed to heat up the water!

  64. Peter Braam

    Order has been received. The tent is now up for two days and we can say that we are surprised by the result.
    Filled the pool with water on Tuesday, placed the tent over it and by Wednesday the water has reached 26°C and today even 30°C.
    Kids are very happy and we are also very pleased with the result and the quality of the tent.

  65. Bart de koker

    Ordered a SunnyTent size L about two weeks ago for a metal-wall pool 3.66 by 1.22 meters.
    Last week put the tent over the pool, filled the pool on Wednesday and Thursday, by Thursday night – around 18.00 hrs – turned on the heat pump of 3kw (water 18 degrees), by Friday 14.00 hrs, the water was 29 degrees.
    Very pleased with the SunnyTent, it works perfectly.

    Greetings, de koker bart.

  66. R. Hack

    Very pleased with our SunnyTent. Filled it on Wednesday with water of 16 degrees. Next day, the water was 22 degrees. Had a lovely swim in 26 degrees and beautiful clean water. Sturdy and reliable tent! The invention of the year.

  67. ponssen

    Very happy with the SunnyTent, we already had the pool up for four weeks with 12 degrees. Last Wednesday, put the tent over it, and after 6 hours it was 18 degrees. Yesterday it has already reached 20 degrees. Now you have to get used to it, outside is still crisp, and yes: ‘you can swim’. The invention of the century!

  68. Diana Scheepers

    The invention of the year! What a fantastic way of warming up our pool. No heat pump needed. No more dirt in the water. Ideal! If only we had this earlier!

  69. Erik-Jan Bleke

    What a godsend! Finally no more dirty and cold water. Thanks, SunnyTent!

  70. Sandra Bottram-de Louwere

    Last summer, we were the lucky ones to test a prototype. Super satisfying; the water is always warm and clean! A must for all.

  71. Rob Terwindt

    We are very happy with our SunnyTent!
    We did not really want to buy size L, that just felt too big.
    Therefore I sent Sunnytent.com our pool sizes and asked if size M would suit us. Literally 5 minutes later (on Sunday) I was called back, “it fits” was the answer!
    Ordered on Sunday, delivered on Tuesday, set up on Wednesday.
    In other words, very helpful with friendly service !!

  72. Ilse van Kreij

    Set up yesterday, what a beautiful thing! Very decent quality, children cannot wait to swim, I think it’s a wonderful idea that it is closed and I no longer have that hassle of never properly fitting covers! Service also super!

  73. Suzanne Verbeek

    Purchased last year. The kids are happy! And therefore we are happy. They are much more outside + have a lot of fun. In the upcoming May holidays, the pool will be used a lot again.

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Box 2: 95 x 19 x 17 cm.

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