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The SunnyTent on a hard surface

The SunnyTent must be fixed to the ground so that the swimming pool tent remains stable and secure in the wind. The “fixing components” supplied as standard are intended for use on soft surfaces (grass, artificial grass, sand, wood bark, etc.). But that does not mean that the SunnyTent cannot also be placed on hard surfaces. Exactly how this works differs per type of hard surface.

Surface of paving stones / tiles / brick / stones that can be (partly) removed

Placing the hinge anchors

The two hinge anchors are the main securing parts (literally and figuratively). The anchors are approximately 40 cm long and must be firmly placed into the ground. To do this, remove a brick / tile / stone from the terrace at the correct places (one point for each anchor), and hit the hinge anchors into the ground here, see manual or instruction video for further instructions.

Attach the twist pegs

The pool dome must be attached to the ground in at least 6 places. The twist pegs supplied can be used for this. Remove a brick / tile / stone from the terrace at the right places and rotate these twist pegs in the ground. After the twist pegs have been placed you can of course fill the gap that remains with, for example, half a brick / tile / stone, gravel or sand.

Information for installing on a thick brick / deep hard surface

If you have thick / deep bricks / tiles / stones, the twist pegs may not have enough grip in the ground (because they are partly in a vacuum, because the lower edge of the tent on top lies above surface level. Check this carefully / test this carefully. If they do not have enough grip, you can replace these twist pegs with extended twist pegs (see our webshop). You can also use a metal stick or rod for this that you can dig deep into the ground (sloping it in to have sufficient strength). Bend a hook at the end of such a stick / rod so that it hooks around the tent pole and it does not become a sharp protruding object that can hurt you (feet / legs). Unfortunately, the warranty can expire if you do not work with the materials supplied by us. So always check this with our customer service.

Surface of wood, concrete or tiles / bricks that cannot be detached or moved

If you have a hard surface that cannot be moved or detached, such as wood or concrete, you can install the SunnyTent by using our hard surface set. This can also be used with paving stones / tiles / stones that are extremely well fixed or that are extremely heavy. However, never attach the SunnyTent to / on paving stones / tiles / stones that are loose or can be lifted out of the patio surface (with or without great (wind) force).

Use the Hard Surface Set

As mentioned earlier, the hinge anchors and twist pegs are the most important securing parts. If you cannot make an opening on the surface / substrate for this, you cannot use standard installation. To install the SunnyTent, you can purchase the special Hard Surface Set in our webshop. This ensures that your SunnyTent is firmly secured, so that it does not blow away. If you decide to secure the SunnyTent in another way or in a way not recommended by us, the warranty may be voided.

Tips to prevent wear of the tent foil

The SunnyTent moves with the wind. Because a paved surface is always somewhat rough, this can cause the bottom edge of the swimming pool tent to wear slowly (because it rubs on the ground). If you use our hard-surface set, then this problem will not occur on an even surface. This set contains foam discs that keep the bottom edge of the SunnyTent slightly above / off the ground. However, if the surface is not even, damage may occur.

To protect the bottom edge, there are several options (not included):

  • Slice a stiff, thin garden hose entirely along the length and “click” it around the bottom edge of the SunnyTent. This is the simplest, most attractive and clean solution.
  • Foam rubber pipe insulation material can be chosen as an alternative to the garden hose (as used for insulation around heating pipes). A small disadvantage of this is that this material absorbs water and dirt, which is not the case when using a garden hose.
  • A third option: Place artificial grass (carpet), a thick cloth or other soft fabric between the rough ground surface and the bottom edge of the SunnyTent.

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