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  • Did you know that you will receive an answer from us within 24 hours? Though in reality, usually much faster.
  • Did you know that our customer service representatives are all native speakers, so nothing should be lost in translation!! And that they also have a lot of experience with our products? Given the reactions of our customers, this is highly appreciated.
  • Sometimes problems can be attributed to a product / production error, sometimes to an installation or usage error. Our technical team have extensive product knowledge and experience, with which they can properly assess the situation.  We really appreciate it if you state completely openly and honestly what happened. Even though the damage to the product may not be officially covered by the warranty, we often take other circumstances into account if something went wrong during the installation or use of one of our products. Honesty is therefore often rewarded with the granting of an extra guarantee. Excuses, lies and threats are not necessary and do not contribute to the solution of any problems. Good cooperation, on the other hand, is. We aim to ensure our customers enjoy their SunnyTent and our team is here to help!!

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