En varm och ren pool från vår till höst, utan energikostnader!

Detta är vad våra kunder säger om SunnyTent

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  • Claire
  • 17 March 2020
  • Probably no holiday this year due to the Corona crisis. So I bought a Sunny tent. We can stay at home. It’s already set up!
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  • Daniel hovell
  • 23 August 2019
  • The sunny tent has transformed our pool. We all as a family of 5 now swim in the pool every Day and even of a late evening. The water is literally nearly Bath temperature. Another added bonus is it keeps alot of debrie out which was a constant battle before.
Reviews stars
  • Sarah
  • 9 August 2019
  • This arrived very quickly and with 2 of us easy to install. It keeps the pool clean and I think it keeps the heat in well (I have a heater so difficult to tell 100%). Yes it’s expensive but I thinks it’s worth the money.
  • Lynne Betts
  • 6 July 2019
  • We really love our Sunny Tent it stops the leaves from falling in and the water is really warm now.

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