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There are two types of SunnyTent, a round version and an oval version.

The Round SunnyTent

The Round SunnyTent is available in four different sizes (cross-section x top height):

  • SunnyTent Round M (4.40 m x 2.20 m)
  • SunnyTent Round L (5.40 m x 2.70 m)
  • SunnyTent Round L+ (5.90 m x 2.95 m)
  • SunnyTent Round XL (6.40 m x 3.20 m)

The Oval SunnyTent

The Oval SunnyTent is available in two sizes (cross-section x top height):

There are no larger or smaller SunnyTents in our range.

Why not?

Our many customers are very happy with the sizes that are available. There is little demand for other sizes. In the case of larger tents, the stability must also be carefully considered, while quality must be guaranteed.

The future

We, of course, continue to look at development and optimization of the SunnyTent. So, who knows what the future will bring?

Unfortunately, we cannot produce customized tents. This is not possible due to the high cost of customized products.

Discover the different sizes

The SunnyTent is currently available in six sizes. Take a look to see which size suits your pool.

Measure your pool

To find out which SunnyTent fits your pool, it is important to measure your pool accurately. Do you have a round swimming pool? Then determine the height and diameter of your swimming pool. Measure the height, width, and length of your swimming pool if you have a square / oval / rectangular swimming pool. Also take into account any protruding parts, such as a skimmer or top edge.

Size chart

Find the right size SunnyTent now using our size chart for swimming pools. Is your swimming pool not listed or do you have any questions? Our customer service is happy to help you further.

That is possible, but it depends on the size of the pool and the space around the pool.

How much space is needed?

Sufficient space is needed on both sides of a rectangular or oval swimming pool, since the tent on the long sides will be much wider than the swimming pool (see image). Are you unsure about the right size of SunnyTent? Feel free to send us the measurements and a photo of your swimming pool and garden layout, then we will gladly give you advice.

You must have approx. 40 cm free space around the SunnyTent.

Why is this space needed?

The space is needed to be able to walk around the tent. The space is also needed for the tent foil to lay on the ground when the tent is fully open. (If you have a little more than 40 cm of space at the rear, that’s a bonus.)

Through our webshop, you can pay via a direct bank transfer, Visa/Mastercard or PayPal. Please keep in mind that paying by credit card may result in a considerable additional credit card fee.

Return your purchase

Yes, you can return your purchase within the return period of 14 days, even without specific reasons.

Return conditions

You can find out when and how you can return the SunnyTent in our return conditions.

Refund of the purchase amount

You will receive the entire purchase amount, provided you have met our return conditions.

Order Status

After you have placed your order on our webshop, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail (check your spam / unwanted items mailbox). When your order is ready for shipping, you will receive another e-mail from us.

Track & Trace

If your order has been picked up by the delivery company FedEx, you will receive an email with a track & trace code so that you can track your order. If you do not receive this email, contact our customer service.

Cancel your order

Please contact us as soon as possible (by telephone) so that we may cancel your order before it ships.

The SunnyTent is constantly being improved

We continuously implement product improvements in our range. As a result, it may happen that the products delivered look slightly different those on the site / in our videos.

Still in doubt?

Not sure if the package is complete? Our customer service team is happy to check with you!

Standard delivery time

We generally deliver within 5 – 7 business days.

Longer delivery time

If the delivery time is longer (for example, because a product is temporarily out of stock), this is clearly stated in the product information on our webshop.

We use the services of FedEx. However, sometimes FedEx outsources the delivery to third parties.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The delivery company does not offer the possibility to make a delivery appointment.

Possible solutions

If you specify your delivery preference in the order notes, then we can try to plan your delivery as well as possible. In any case, you can leave a note at the doorbell with the request to deliver the package to the neighbours.

Saturday delivery

We can indicate that your preferred delivery day is Saturday, however, we cannot guarantee this as we work with an external delivery company.

Not at home? No delivery

You must sign for the delivery. If you are not at home, you can leave a note on the door, so that the package can be delivered to the neighbours. When indicated, the delivery company will leave the package at the house. When you are absent during the first delivery attempt, the delivery company will often stop by again the next working day. In all cases, a signature is required for receipt.

Two people can easily set up the SunnyTent.

The SunnyTent Round

Setting up the Round SunnyTent takes approximately 1 to 2 hours.

The SunnyTent Oval

The installation of the SunnyTent Oval takes approximately 2 hours.

Manuals and installation videos

To ensure that the installation of the SunnyTent is as smooth as possible and done in the right way, it is important that you thoroughly read the installation video and manual.

Two people can easily assemble the SunnyTent.


  • A tape measure
  • A solid hammer

Tips for setting up your SunnyTent

  • Set up your SunnyTent, if possible, before your pool is installed.
  • Set up the SunnyTent when there is little or no wind.
  • You can place the SunnyTent on a hard surface with a hard surface kit. To do this, read the information about installation on hard surfaces.
  • If you are going to set up an oval SunnyTent (model 2021) while your swimming pool is already installed, you must bear in mind that you must be able to enter the swimming pool and work above the pool.

Yes, the SunnyTent can be placed on a paved or hard surface. The SunnyTent must be attached properly to the ground with a hard surface installation kit. To decide whether or not you need this kit, see the information about installation on a hard surface.

The SunnyTent is difficult to install on a marshy or very soft surface.

How do I resolve this?

1. Extra-long twist pegs are available in our webshop; these go deeper into the ground, so they will likely attach the tent well to the ground. If not, see point 2 below.
2. Use pieces of pipe / tube of approximately 70 cm long with a diameter of approximately 50 cm. Place these pipes upright into the ground, at the points where the hinged anchors, twist pegs and cross pole set must be placed in the ground.
3. Fill these tubes to the brim with gravel and then with fine-grained sand. Then slowly pour some water into the pipe so that the sand fills all the gaps and crevices between the gravel. Note: Make sure that every tube remains completely filled.
4. Allow the contents of the tubes to dry for about two days, after which you can install the hinge anchors, twist pegs and cross pole set in these tubes.

By going through these steps, the hinge anchors, twist pegs and cross pole set are placed firmly in the ground, making the SunnyTent stable.

For the installation of the cross pole set(s) in combination with a hard-surface set, you can use the manual of the cross pole set(s). However, a small issue may occur:

Installation of cross pole set

See picture. With a correct installation of the cross pole set, the ground tube of the cross pole set is at the green check mark. If you want to open the SunnyTent, you must turn the twist peg counter clockwise. With the normal twist peg (for the soft surface) it is often enough to make a quarter turn to get the pole set underneath the peg. This is because the normal twist peg has a coarse thread. However, you need more turns with the twist peg of the hard surface kit, because the threads are much finer. It can, therefore, occur that while turning the hard-surface twist peg counter clockwise after about half a turn you will come across the cross pole set(s) and you will not be able to turn further (making it difficult for you to open the SunnyTent).

How can I prevent or resolve this?

This can be prevented by making the distance between the green check mark (where the ground tube of the cross pole set is placed) and the place where the twist peg enters the ground as wide as possible. Do this in such a way that you get the pole set just under the twist peg.

If the holes for the ground tubes and twist pegs are already drilled (and you don’t want to drill more holes in the hard surface), the problem can be solved in two ways:

1. You can rotate the twist pegs less deep into the ground, but just deep enough so that the pole set can be fixed and released with a quarter turn or a half turn. This is because the pole set does not shoot under the twist peg so quickly, because the cross pole set(s) hold everything in place.
2. You can loosen the cross pole set(s) for a moment and then rotate the twist peg.

Of course, solution 1 is the most logical and quick solution. However, with strong wind and / or long absence, you must turn the twist pegs as deep as possible into the ground, so that the tent pole cannot get loose (and the wind can get under the tent). To that end, you will have to loosen the cross pole set, in order to be able to fully turn the twist peg into the ground (after which you reattach the cross pole set to the ground tubes).

This will heavily depend on how it is used and stored.

All year round

If you leave the SunnyTent open all year round, the you can expect it to last approximately three to five years.

Store clean and dry in between seasons

You can extend the life of the SunnyTent by storing it, clean and dry, in the autumn. When you do this, the SunnyTent will last five to seven years.

The tent foil of the SunnyTent

The tent foil is made of eight-layer PE film (fused into one whole). It is thick foil, as it is also used in professional horticulture.

The pole sets of the SunnyTent

The pole sets of the SunnyTent are made of 12.7 mm thick fiberglass and therefore very strong. With these poles, the SunnyTent can take a beating. Fiberglass is slightly flexible and perfect for this purpose.

The SunnyTent in different weather conditions

In full sun

The SunnyTent is very sun-resistant, because the foil is made of a eight-layer PE film, which is also used in professional horticulture (in southern Europe).


Regular hail is not a problem (the exception to this is hailstorms as you sometimes see them in the news, where entire campsites are „destroyed” and where no trailer tent or tent survives!)

Strong wind

The SunnyTent also stands its ground in the wind. However, open the SunnyTent completely in very strong winds and storms. The size and model of the SunnyTent, in combination with the location of the tent, determine the degree of wind resistance of the tent. If the tent is in a sheltered place, it can handle a higher wind force than when the tent is in an open field. On our YouTube channel you will find a video of the SunnyTent in the strong wind. In general, it can be said that if the SunnyTent is somewhat protected against strong wind, the tent will rarely need to be folded down. In extreme circumstances, where the SunnyTent is not folded down, a pole set may break. You can then purchase new pole sets in our webshop.

In the winter

The materials of the SunnyTent are winter resistant. However, you should be aware that if snow or sleet falls, you must temporarily fold open the SunnyTent in / all the way down; if you don’t, the tent can bend or collapse due to the weight on the tent. Fortunately, there is no question of leaves or other debris falling into your pool when it snows, so your swimming pool will not get dirty.

Extra support with the Cross Pole Set

If the SunnyTent Round M and L are placed in a very open, windy place, then the purchase of a cross pole set is advised. This cross pole set offers your Round SunnyTent extra strength, even with light snow or sleet.

Extra point of interest for the SunnyTent Round L+ and XL and the Oval M and L

The SunnyTent Round L+ and XL and the SunnyTent Oval M and L have been supplied with a cross pole set. Due to their size, these tents remain sensitive to wind and snow / ice. The SunnyTent Round L+ and XL and Oval M and L are therefore less suitable for windy or exposed locations. In addition, the oval tents should not be used in autumn or winter.

Material of the SunnyTent

The tent canvas of the SunnyTent is made of a thick film that can withstand quite a bit. However, the canvas is not resistant to sharp objects, so be careful with this.

Using the SunnyTent as a cat owner

A determined cat might make a hole in the tent foil with sharp claws. The chances of a cat tearing the tent foil is low.

Using the SunnyTent as a dog owner

A dog might bite into the SunnyTent, so keep an eye on your pets when the SunnyTent is erected!

The SunnyTent comes with a two-year full warranty.

Warranty conditions

The warranty conditions are as follows:

1. The warranty applies only to the first owner, is not transferable and is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase. Save your original purchase invoice; this must be submitted in the event of a complaint. The warranty expires without a purchase invoice.
2. If a production error occurs within the 2-year period, you can contact SunnyTent BV via its website SunnyTent BV will handle the complaint with you and ask you to send the whole and entire item for inspection. If your complaint is well-founded and the user conditions / instructions for use have all been met, the item will be repaired or exchanged free of charge. In all other cases, repair or replacement costs are charged.
3. Assumed guarantees are only limited to the conditions of this guarantee. SunnyTent BV is in no way liable towards the buyer or other party for direct or consequential damage.
4. The warranty does not apply if the SunnyTent has been subject to neglect, accident, incorrect or improper use, incorrect installation / set-up, non-compliance with the instructions for use or harmful circumstances beyond SunnyTent BV’s influence, including and not limited to, normal wear and tear, fire, flood, frost, sleet, snow or other forces of nature. In addition, any changes / modifications made to the SunnyTent will void the warranty.
5. Because the SunnyTent is outside for a long period of time, it is exposed to wind and weather. As a result, the metal parts can show rust after a while. However, this rust does not in any way interfere with the use and service life of the SunnyTent and is therefore not covered by the warranty.
6. Read the user manual and installation instruction, watch the instruction video carefully and follow all instructions regarding the installation and use of your SunnyTent. Always check the SunnyTent before and after use. If you do not strictly follow the instructions, the warranty will expire.

Individual spare parts available

Although the materials used are very robust, it can, of course, always happen that a part of the SunnyTent breaks. You can order these parts, from a tent foil to pegs to straps, on our webshop.

A properly closed SunnyTent makes it harder for a child or animal to enter the swimming pool.

No guarantee

Preventing small children or animals from entering your pool, is not the purpose of the SunnyTent and, therefore, offers no guarantee in this area. So always pay attention!

Small marks on the foil

The small marks are related to the thickness of the tent foil and the packaging process. These marks may be present on the foil due to the production process. Rest assured, these marks will not hinder the performance of your SunnyTent and most will disappear after a few weeks/months of use.

The SunnyTent may be skewed if it is not properly attached and secured to the ground. The hinges on the front or back of the tent are probably placed a little too much to the left or right.

How do I resolve this?

You need to release the tent from the twist pegs, and realign the tent, so that it is no longer leaning. And then re-secure it with the twist pegs. After this you fix the SunnyTent again, place the twist pegs in the (new) correct place.

This can happen for a few reasons

  • An in-ground pool often loses a lot of heat on the sides and bottom of the pool. Especially, if there is not enough insulation material between the swimming pool and the ground. In fact, you get the „basement” effect; a basement in a house is always cooler in summer than the ambient temperature (often around 18 ° C). If your in-ground swimming pool is not well insulated, it is difficult to keep it warm.
  • If the SunnyTent is not closed properly, the water will not heat up properly, as it will be cooler inside the tent.
  • If the swimming pool is in the shade for a large part of the day (and certainly between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.), the air in the SunnyTent does not get as hot as when the pool dome is in the sun for a long time. This causes the water to heat up less efficiently.

Tip to heat up the water faster / better

Turn on the filter pump during the day, especially when the sun is out, so that the upper layer of the water heated by the SunnyTent is well mixed with the colder lower layers. As a result, the water absorbs the maximum air temperature within the SunnyTent (which is higher). Switch off the pump in the evening and at night. Stagnant water releases the least heat and is therefore best at retaining its temperature.

The twist pegs are placed incorrectly

If the pole sets shoot off the pins, then that has to do with the location of the twist pegs. If the lower poles of the tent are secured by the twist pegs a little too far out, a gust of wind or rough opening and closing of the tent can cause the poles to shoot off / come away from the pins. You can solve this by moving the twist pegs a little more towards the centre of the tent.

The hinged anchors are placed incorrectly

It is also possible that the hinged anchors are not correctly positioned / perpendicular to each other.

Ensure the correct installation

If the tent is properly set up and opened in a careful and controlled manner, the pole sets will not shoot off the pins; that is the experience of the thousands of customers with a SunnyTent, that is now in use all over Europe.

All SunnyTents have the same film. Occasionally, the tent foil can look less than 100% transparent. If the foil is still folded, it does not appear clear. When the tent is erected, the foil looks might sometimes look less clear than at other times. This has to do with the light. If the sun is relatively high (in the middle of the day, in the summer) then the foil looks brighter than when the sun is lower (earlier or later in the day and / or in the year).

Keep the PH and chlorine values constant

Both for pools with or without a SunnyTent, you have to keep the pH and chlorine values constantly in order. The water must also be well circulated and filtered. If you take all these things into consideration, your water will not turn green either without or with a SunnyTent. To demonstrate: there are several customers who only change their pool water every two or three years (they leave the swimming pool and tent outside all year round), but they do keep a close eye on the above and make timely adjustments if necessary.

A few points of attention

1. Keep an eye on the chlorine dosage. If the chlorine values are too high, green colouring may also occur. The free chlorine value must fall within the range specified on the measuring instructions / equipment.
2. Even if the free chlorine value or pH has been temporarily off, green water can occur. Simply restoring the values does not mean that the water will become clear again. Sometimes you must first use „anti-algae” (dosage in accordance with packaging).
3. The pumps supplied with swimming pools are often of poor quality and not actually suitable. A good pump filter installation is of great value.

Warm water needs more attention

Incidentally, warmer water needs more attention (with regard to chlorine, pH and circulation) than cooler water. And yes, the SunnyTent provides warm water because that’s what the SunnyTent is for!

The SunnyTent has too much room to move

If the hinged blocks are too loose on the hinged anchors (or on the corner brackets if you have a hard surface set), then the tent is allowed a little too much room for movement and sways too much. You have to tighten the nut (which holds the hinged block on the hinged anchor / corner bracket) with a spanner.


Do not overly tighten the nut, because the hinged block will no longer rotate when opening and closing the SunnyTent. This can cause damage.

Ensure proper installation

The SunnyTent is known for its strength and robustness. An unstable tent usually indicates incorrect installation. This almost always concerns the hinged anchors. These are probably placed the wrong way around. The rotating hinged block must be directed to the outside of the SunnyTent and not to the inside (pointing to the swimming pool, trampoline, etc). This is very important. It may seem like a small detail, but it definitely determines the stability of the SunnyTent.

Are the hinged anchors positioned correctly?

If the hinged anchors are positioned correctly and the SunnyTent is still weak, you can contact us. Our customer service will be happy to help you further.

Use transparent tape

Any holes in the tent foil can be neatly repaired with tape. For this we recommend TESA Extra Power Transparent (width 48 mm.). You could also use TESA Extra Power Extreme Outdoor, but it is not really transparent, and is less aesthetically pleasing. Incidentally, holes / cracks seldom get bigger if left untouched, so repair is often not really necessary.

Clean and dry the surface

Before applying the tape (on both the inside and outside of the tent) you should make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of grease. You can do this with a household cloth with some natural soap. Then wipe it off with clean water and dry the surface thoroughly. You don’t have to make the length of the tape much longer than the length of the tear or the holes.

Close the SunnyTent after sunset

This problem can arise if you close your partially open SunnyTent after sunset. The insects seek shelter around sunset and can find it in the partially open SunnyTent. If you then close the tent completely, the insects are locked up in the tent.

The solution

You can prevent this by closing the tent well before sunset. Or, by first slowly opening the tent completely (so that the insects fly away) and then closing the tent again.

Insects fly in at the openings at the hinged anchors

If your tent is in an insect-rich location (for example, near water or cattle), it can happen that insects enter the closed SunnyTent at the hinged anchors. You can prevent this by sealing the openings at the hinged anchors.

If you want to take down the SunnyTent, go through the steps of installation in reverse order.

Quick Disassembly Instruction

1. Remove the twist pegs and lower the tent to the ground.
2. Remove the pole sets from the hinged anchors.
3. Level the tent so that the pole sets are straight and remove the pole sets from the pole tunnels.
Never pull the pole sets because the pole parts can come apart. Remove the pole sets from the pole tunnels. Do this by pushing the pole set forward with one hand while holding the pole tunnel with the other hand. Repeat this until the pole set has been completely removed from the pole tunnel. See our video demonstration for additional help.
4. Clean and completely dry the SunnyTent with a soft cloth before folding and storing the tent. Also, thoroughly clean and dry the pole sets, hinged anchors and pegs.


Make sure you always keep your SunnyTent in a frost-free and dry place, where it is not warmer than 30˚C. If you place the SunnyTent next to a heating pipe or other heat source, there is a chance that some tent materials will shrink or melt.

If the SunnyTent remains outside for a long time (for example from early spring to late autumn, or even in the winter), it will, of course, get dirty (e.g. green deposits, sand and dust stick to the outside of the tent). Of course, you want to keep your SunnyTent as transparent and clean as possible.

What should you use to clean your tent?

You can clean the outside of the tent with a soft sponge and cold water. Do not use a hard brush, hard jet, scouring pad or other aids, as this can damage your tent foil. Also, do not use any chemical cleaning agents, as these can damage the seams. With a very dirty tent, you can add a little bit of natural soap to the water.

Cleaning the SunnyTent

Firstly, only clean the outside of the tent foil. Not the inside, because it does not get really dirty and you may remove the anti-condensation layer on the foil.
Cleaning the exterior is best as follows:

Cleaning the SunnyTent

  • Make sure the tent is fully closed and secured with the twist pegs on the ground.
  • First, clean each of the tent layers that you can easily reach. In general, these are the two tent layers at the front of the tent and the two at the rear. Let us call these lanes 1, 2, 5 and 6.
  • Then only the two tent layers remain on top of the tent, which you cannot easily reach (lanes 3 and 4).
  • Detach the tent on one side (by turning the twist peg counter-clockwise to remove the tent poles from underneath). One person holds this open side in the middle, while the second person pulls down the tent on the other side. By doing this, lane 3 comes within reach and can be cleaned. Do this with two other people: one on each side of the tent.
  • You can then clean layer 4 by doing the same on the other side of the tent.

Heat your swimming pool with the SunnyTent

Yes, the temperature of the swimming pool really warms up with the SunnyTent. In the period from mid-May to the end of August, the temperature inside the tent rarely falls below 25 degrees. As a result, the water temperature is usually 25 degrees or higher, without heating equipment! The temperature, of course, is dependent on the climate and environment of your area.

How does the SunnyTent work?

The SunnyTent works the same as a greenhouse. In a horticultural greenhouse, the inside temperature in the period mentioned above is usually much higher than the outside temperature. A number of factors determine how quickly the water heats up. The more the sun shines, the warmer it gets inside the SunnyTent and the faster the water heats up. The amount of water and its initial temperature is also important. Discover the average temperature in the SunnyTent, as measured by our customers.

The use of chlorine and pH enhancers / reducers

Even with a SunnyTent, you will also need to use chlorine and pH enhancers / reducers to maintain optimum water quality. However, its consumption while using the SunnyTent will decrease because less water (containing these agents) will evaporate. The water also needs to be replaced less often, because the swimming pool is protected from dirt from the general environment.

A swimming pool pump with a SunnyTent

Micro-organisms and algae prefer to multiply in standing water. A good pump-filter installation is, therefore, definitely recommended to keep the quality of the water optimal.

Do not place your swimming pool pump inside the SunnyTent

We do not recommend placing the swimming pool pump inside the SunnyTent. This is because the temperature in the (closed) swimming pool dome can be very high, which may have an adverse effect on your pump.

Let the hoses run under the pool dome

It is no problem to put the hoses under the closed swimming pool tent (the pole sets are somewhat flexible). There is one thing to note, however: if the side where the hoses go under the swimming pool dome is exposed to wind, then it is wiser to sink the hoses into the ground so that the SunnyTent can be closed tightly to the ground. As a result, the SunnyTent remains stable even in strong winds and the swimming water does not cool down.

This is certainly possible. Follow the guidelines below to heat the pool as efficiently as possible and to keep the water at the right temperature.

Not during the day, but only at night

If you cover the pool during the day with the SunnyTent and a pool cover, the SunnyTent cannot optimally heat the water. That is why we recommend that you do not use the pool cover during the day.
It is a different story at night. With the SunnyTent covering your pool, the water will cool down much less. A pool cover provides extra insulation. This retains the heat even more.
Our advice is therefore to only put the pool cover on the pool at night.

As you can see in the video of the SunnyTent in the strong wind, the tent holds its own in the wind. However, it is advisable to fold down / fully open the SunnyTent in very strong winds. With the round SunnyTent, this takes approx. 1 minute; this takes a little longer with the oval SunnyTent. You can raise/close the SunnyTent again when the wind abates. See also the manual for information on how to use your SunnyTent.

From what wind strength do you have to fold down / open the SunnyTent?

This depends on the SunnyTent model and the degree of exposure of the terrain where the SunnyTent is located. If the tent is sheltered, it can handle a higher wind force than when the tent is in an open field. In general, it can be said that if the tent is sheltered, the SunnyTent Round M and L need to be folded open only rarely.

Extra strength with the Cross Pole Set

Do you want to install the SunnyTent Round size M or L in a more windy/exposed location? Then you should consider purchasing a cross pole set. This set offers extra strength to your round SunnyTent. A point to note: With the cross pole set, the SunnyTent cannot withstand all wind strengths, but can withstand more wind than without the cross pole set.

The SunnyTent Round size L+ and XL and Oval sizes M and L are wind sensitive

The SunnyTent Round L+ and XL, and SunnyTent Oval M and L, already include a cross pole set. Due to their sizes, these tents remain sensitive to wind. Therefore, they are less suitable for windy and exposed locations.

The SunnyTent is very sun-resistant

The tent canvas is made of eight-layer PE film (fused into one whole). It is thick foil, as it is also used in professional horticulture. The foil can, therefore, withstand quite a bit and is very sun-resistant.

The tent canvas is made of eight-layer PE film (fused into one whole). It is thick foil, as it is also used in professional horticulture. The foil can, therefore, withstand quite a bit.

Light hail shows are no problem

Small regular hail stones will not damage the SunnyTent. The SunnyTent may struggle against exceptional hailstorms, as you sometimes see in the news, where entire campsites are „destroyed” and where no trailer tent or tent survives.

The SunnyTent is winter-resistant

The materials of the SunnyTent are winter-resistant. However, you should be aware that if snow or sleet falls, you must temporarily fold the SunnyTent all the way open. If you don’t, the tent may collapse under the weight of the snow/ice that accumulates on the tent. When it snows or hails, leaves rarely fall and pollute your pool. So, your pool does not get dirty when the tent is temporarily folded down. See the manual for more information on how to use your SunnyTent.

Extra support with the Cross Pole Set

A cross pole set provides extra strength for the round SunnyTent in light snow and sleet. However, it is not the case that the SunnyTent Round can withstand moderate or large amounts of snow/ice. But the tent with a cross pole set can carry more snow or sleet than without the cross pole set.

SunnyTent Round L+ and XL and Oval sizes M and L

The SunnyTent Round L+ and XL, and SunnyTent Oval M and L, already include a cross pole set. Due to their sizes, these tents remain sensitive to wind and snow / ice. Therefore, they are less suitable for windy and exposed locations and winter use.


Although the materials of the SunnyTent itself are UV-resistant, they still transmit UV-rays.

SunnyTent does not protect against the sun

Your skin is, therefore, not protected against the sun in the SunnyTent. Although the SunnyTent will slightly „inhibit” UV-rays, this is not a guarantee that your skin will not burn due to sun rays inside the SunnyTent.

The SunnyTent Round M and L can remain in place throughout the year. The Round L+ and XL, Oval M and L should be taken down and stored during the autumn and winter months.

Points of attention

You should always keep an eye on the weather conditions (including wind, snow, and sleet). For appropriate use, please refer to the manuals.
For more information, also read the frequently asked questions about the SunnyTent during winter and in strong winds.

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