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  1. By ordering the products via the webshop, the consumer / purchaser provides all personal data entered by him / her to SunnyTent BV; information that can be directly traced back to the consumer / purchaser, such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and so on.
    This personal data will be included in the customer base of SunnyTent BV, so that the consumer / purchaser can be informed about offers, promotion and useful information in relation to the ownership of a SunnyTent. If the consumer / purchaser does not want this, he / she needs to inform SunnyTent BV about this, by sending an e-mail to
  2. SunnyTent BV will at all times, comply with statutory privacy rules on the protection of personal data provided.
  3. SunnyTent BV retains all personal data in a protected IT environment, but 100% protection can never be guaranteed.
  4. SunnyTent will only retain and use personal data provided directly by the consumer / purchaser.
  5. The consumer / purchaser hereby authorizes SunnyTent BV to use the information and personal data provided by the consumer / purchaser, for marketing or customer service purposes. This permission can be revoked at any time by sending an email to
  6. SunnyTent BV will not sell or provide any consumer information to any third parties other than the shipping company responsible for the delivery of the products bought by the consumer / purchaser, including communication between the consumer / purchaser and the delivery company.
  7. The personal data of the consumer / purchaser may be released if directed to do so by a court order or government decree.
  8. If the consumer / purchaser has any complaints or questions regarding the protection and use of personal data referred to above, please contact SunnyTent BV aims to provide a solution to such complaints or questions within 72 hours.
  9. Parties are obliged to maintain confidentiality, unless there is a legal obligation to disclose any data provided. Confidential information includes all information that they have obtained from each other, or other sources, under their agreement. Parties receiving confidential information will use it only for the purpose for which it was provided.
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    „This website uses cookies to personalise content, to analyse traffic, for advertising and to provide social media features. SunnyTent and third parties place marketing and tracking cookies so we can recognise you. If you continue to use this website we will assume that you are happy with this. You can change your cookie preference, view the instructions in our privacy statement.”
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