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Where is your SunnyTent produced?

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From frustration to unique product

What started as frustration led to the development and production of a unique and innovative idea. After 2 years of extensive testing in the inventor’s garden, the SunnyTent was launched in Europe in 2015. The SunnyTent is a pool cover that heats your pool water and keeps it clean. So you can enjoy naturally warm water every day, even in autumn! The SunnyTent is made entirely from European materials and is produced by hand in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the heart of Europe.


SunnyTents made in the heart of Europe

SunnyTent’s own production facility is located in the heart of Europe, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Here, 60 men and women work daily, by hand, on your future SunnyTent. From the poles to the complete SunnyTent as well as Etan trampolines, everything is made by hand. Therefore it is possible that a stitching deviates slightly. Of course, quality comes first and everything is produced according to European production standards and safety norms, but it also shows that every tent is unique.

Waar komt jouw tent vandaan

Building a better future

From 1992 to 1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina was in a state of conflict. A period of which the scars are still clearly visible today. The SunnyTent factory employs local, Bosnian inhabitants who did not have a stable future ahead of them, partly due to high unemployment. SunnyTent wanted to offer perspective and has had its factory in Bosnia since 2014. As a result, the employees are guaranteed a job, training opportunities, and receive a western wage. Will you join us in making a positive impact?

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Sustainable way of heating

The SunnyTent is an energy-free and therefore sustainable way of heating your swimming pool water. Using the SunnyTent, the water is heated by light and UV rays. In comparison to a heat pump or solar collectors, heating the water does not cost anything. In addition, the SunnyTent reduces water evaporation and retains heat. This means that you don’t need to use fresh water as often. As a company, we want to prevent mass production and will always continue to innovate and improve sustainability so that the SunnyTent will have a longer life. Do you have a sustainable idea for us? Let us know via the button below!

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