Which size SunnyTent is the best sandbox cover?

Tips for determining the right size

  • Below you will find important tips for determining the correct size of SunnyTent for your sandbox.
  • There must be sufficient free space around the SunnyTent. The SunnyTent must be larger than the sandbox over which it is placed.
  • Allow at least 25 cm of free space around the outside of the SunnyTent and at least 40 cm at the rear (this is where the foil is folded down when the tent is open).
  • The outside dimensions (from the outermost points) of the sandbox are assumed.
  • Sandboxes often protrude slightly above the ground. This is indicated by height in the table below.
  • The diameter is important for round sandboxes. The diagonal for oval and rectangular sandboxes.
  • You can even play in a closed SunnyTent (Note: Do so only in cold weather, to prevent overheating and always ensure adequate ventilation!).
  • In doubt about the right size? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you further.

Size chart for sandboxes

Height sandpit (in cm)Diameter sandpit (in cm)Best size SunnyTent
0Maximum 430Round M
25Maximum 430Round M
50Maximum 420Round M
75Maximum 400Round M
0Maximum 530Round L
25Maximum 530Round L
50Maximum 520Round L
75Maximum 510Round L
0Maximum 630Round XL
25Maximum 630Round XL
50Maximum 620Round XL
75Maximum 610Round XL