What size SunnyTent should I choose for my sandpit?

Firstly …..

For sizing, the following applies:

  • Provide adequate free space for the SunnyTent. That’s because the SunnyTent is larger than the sandpit over which the tent is to be placed. Then make sure that you keep at least 25 cm free around the SunnyTent (on the outside) as open space. With the SunnyTent Round keep at least 40 cm free at the back, because that is where the canvas will fold when opening the tent. If you’re not sure whether there’s enough space around your pool, please contact us. If you send us some photos, we can give you adequate advice.
  • All sizes are based on the outer dimensions (from outer side to outer side of the sandpit).
  • Even in a closed SunnyTent kids can play, but please beware: play only in cold weather, to prevent overheating and also provide adequate ventilation. Often, sandpits slightly stick above ground. In the chart below, this is indicated with ‘height’.
  • Sandboxes are often not ‘flush’ to the ground, with the top sitting a little over the ground. In the table below, this is indicated as ‘height’.
  • For round sandpits, the diameter is important for sizing. With Oval and rectangular sandpits the diagonal size.
  • When in doubt about the size, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


Size chart for sandpits:

Height sandpit (in cm)Diameter sandpit (in cm)Best size SunnyTent
0Maximum 430Round M
25Maximum 430Round M
50Maximum 420Round M
75Maximum 400Round M
0Maximum 530Round L
25Maximum 530Round L
50Maximum 520Round L
75Maximum 510Round L