What size Sunny Tent should I choose for my trampoline?

Firstly …..

For sizing, the following applies:

  • Provide adequate free space for the SunnyTent. That’s because the SunnyTent is larger than the trampoline over which the tent is to be placed. Then make sure that you keep at least 25 cm free around the SunnyTent (on the outside) as open space. With the SunnyTent Round, keep at least 40 cm free at the back, because that is where the canvas will fold when opening the tent. If you’re not sure if there is enough space around your pool, please contact us. If you send us some photo’s, we can give you advice.
  • All sizes are based on the outer dimensions (from outer side to outer side of the trampoline).
  • Even in a closed SunnyTent you can jump, but please beware: only in cold weather, as to prevent overheating and also provide adequate ventilation. The size of the SunnyTent and the height of the trampoline above ground determines the free jumping height. This also can be found in the chart below. Of course you can always completely open the SunnyTent, to increase the maximum free jump height.
  • Note: the SunnyTent is only suitable for in-ground trampolines, where the jumping mat is at the same levels as the gound.
  • Note: the SunnyTent is not a safety net to prevent falling from a trampoline. SunnyTent is intended to only keep the trampoline (and the people and materials on it) dry, clean and pleasantly warm!
  • Often, in-ground trampolines slightly stick above ground (to ventilate the air below the trampoline while jumping so that the trampoline bounces better). In the chart below, this is indicated with ‘height’. Hereby we use a maximum height of 50 cm (any higher than that, and we no longer refer to it as an ‘in-ground trampoline’).
  • The following chart applies for round trampolines. If you own a square, oval or rectangular trampoline, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


Size chart for trampolines:

Height trampoline (in cm)Diameter trampoline (in cm)Best size SunnyTentAvailable jump height (in cm)
0Maximum 435Round M220
25Maximum 430Round M195
50Maximum 420Round M170
0Maximum 530Round L270
25Maximum 520Round L245
50Maximum 515Round L220