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Which size of SunnyTent fits my pool?

Tips for determining the right size of the pool tent

Below we provide a number of tips for determining the correct size of SunnyTent for your swimming pool.

  •  Provide sufficient free space around the SunnyTent. There must be at least 25 cm of free space around the outside of the tent and at least 40 cm at the rear of the tent (this is where the foil folds down when the tent is open)
  • The size chart is based on the outermost dimensions of the swimming pool (the furthest points apart).
  • If your swimming pool has an add-on edge / ledge on the top, you must include the outside dimensions of the add-on edge in the measurement (oversize).
  • If the size of your pool is not in the size chart, use a slightly larger pool size from the table.
  • Take into account any protruding parts / skimmers etc…) that are attached to the swimming pool. If these are placed higher than the top of the pool, you might need a larger size SunnyTent, because these protruding parts can damage the tent foil.
  • With fixed / built-in swimming pools there is often a fixed set of steps or a ladder.This must also be taken into account when determining the size.
  •  If you have any doubts about the correct size of your SunnyTent, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to advise you choose on the right size tent for your pool!

Size chart for round swimming pools:

Diameter pool (in cm)Height pool (in cm)Best size SunnyTent
D = 0 - 350H = max. 130Round M
D = 351 – 366H = max. 122Round M
D = 366H = 132Round L
D = 396H = 84Round M
D = 367 – 460H = max. 122Round L
D = 400H = 150Round L
D = 478H = 124Round L
D = 478H = 132Round L+
D = 488H = 122Round L+
D = 490 – 575H = max. 132Round XL
D = 569H = 135Round XL

Note 1:
A round pool of 366 cm. x 122 cm. (diameter x height) fits under the SunnyTent Round size M. However this is a bit cramped, and when opening or closing the tent, the canvas at the back of the pool may crumple up slightly. Of course this can be easily and quickly straigthened by hand, and this does not mean that the Round SunnyTent size M cannot be used for a 366 cm x 122 cm size pool (many SunnyTent owners are happy with this set up), but beware of the mentioned restriction. It is also possible that the tent canvas wears a bit on the places where the tent touches the pool frame. That will probably be minimal, because the canvas is made of thick, strong film material.
All this also applies for a round pool of 478 x 124 cm. (diameter x height) and 488 x 122 cm. (diameter x height), but then in combination with the SunnyTent Round size L. This also applies to a circular pool of 569 x 135 cm. (diameter x height), but then in combination with the Sunny Tent Round size XL.
In these cases, the steps should be removed from the pool before you close the SunnyTent.

Size chart for square / rectangular / oval pools:

Pool length (in cm)Pool width (in cm)Pool Height (in cm)Best size SunnyTentNote
L = max. 300B = max. 201H = max. 100Round M
L = max 404B = max. 285H = max. 100Round L
Oval M
L = 412B = 201H = 122Round L
Oval M
L = 427B = 427H = 107Oval L
L = 440B = 306H = 125Round XL
L = 450B = 220H = 84Round L
Oval M
L = 460B = 285H = 100Oval M
L = 480B = 325H = 132Oval L
L = 488B = 244H = 107Round XL
Oval M
Tight fit Oval M
L = 488B = 366H = 122Oval L
L = 490B = 360H = 122Oval L
L = 500B = 300H = 120Oval L
L = 510B = 306H = 125Oval L
L = 516B = 396H = 125Oval L
L = 549B = 274H = 132Oval L
L = 549B = 305H = 107Oval L
L = 549B = 366H = 122Oval L
L = 566B = 306H = 125Oval LTight fit Oval L
L = 580B = 310H = 100Oval L
L = 610B = 366H = 122Oval L
Tight fit Oval L

Note 2:
This SunnyTent Round fits over this rectangular or oval pool, provided there is sufficient space on the long sides of your pool (no fence, hedge, etc.). Beware that you’ll have lots of free space inside this SunnyTent on the long sides, because this SunnyTent is round. When in doubt, please contact us. If you send us here some photos, we can give you advice.

Note 3:
An oval pool fits this size, but not a rectangular (inside the tent there is not enough space for the pool corners).

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