The SunnyTent as TrampolineTent

In autumn and winter, your trampoline is often wet and dirty with leaves, for example. It is also often too cold then to play outside. Pity, because children want to happily jump on the trampoline and play. By placing a SunnyTent on your in-ground trampoline, your children can also enjoy playing ‘outside’ in the autumn and winter. Yes, your children can also play and jump in a closed SunnyTent. That’s because the largest SunnyTent is 3.20 meters high. So plenty of playing and having fun jumping on a dry trampoline and without cold wind. The SunnyTent is a transparent trampoline tent, making it pleasant to play outside all year round. Another advantage: you can leave the soft safety pad of the trampoline outside even in the winter; wear and tear is almost eliminated, now the trampoline stays clean and dry.

Tip: Of course, you can clear away the SunnyTent in the summer. But you can also place it over your pool, making your pool warm and clean.

With a closed SunnyTent, the trampoline stays clean and dry. Also fine for playing and jumping in.

The SunnyTent partially open: the canvas serves as a windshield.

The SunnyTent completely open: comfortable in hot weather. The foil is folded behind the trampoline.

This is what our customers think of the TrampolineTent:

  • “Thanks to the trampoline tent of SunnyTent, we can get our children away from behind the games console in the winter. Our in-ground trampoline is now used all year round.”
  • “Even with the SunnyTent completely closed, my son of 1.75 meters can make somersaults on the trampoline. Therefore, the SunnyTent is nicknamed the spring tent at our home.”
  • “In winter time, our kids are jumping on the trampoline in a T-shirt, because the TrampolineTent keeps away the wind perfectly.”
  • “Now I do not have to remove the soft safety pad of the trampoline, it stays nicely clean thanks to the TrampolineTent of SunnyTent. A trampoline liner is no longer necessary.”

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The SunnyTent is the ultimate way to cover your trampoline. Where other trampoline tents are dark and low (so you cannot jump in it!), the SunnyTent as a trampoline tent is a transparent tent with a height of up to 3.20 meters. Jumping into an enclosed trampoline tent is now perfectly possible.