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How to cover your swimming pool with the SunnyTent

One of the most popular purposes of the SunnyTent is to cover a swimming pool. As a swimming pool dome, the SunnyTent has many advantages that we would like to share with you.

A warmer swimming pool with a pool dome

In the spring and autumn or after a few cool summer days, your swimming water is often ice cold. With the SunnyTent, that is a thing of the past. The SunnyTent uses the so-called horticultural greenhouse principle, which causes the water to heat up very quickly. The transparent tent gives in direct or indirect (in cloudy weather) sunlight, the sun ample opportunity to heat up the water. From mid-April to September, the water is therefore quickly 25 degrees or warmer, even when the sun shines brightly or not. This allows you to enjoy your swimming pool much longer, without energy costs and environmental impact.

Clean water with a swimming pool dome

The SunnyTent also keeps the pool water clean, because leaves, petals and bird droppings no longer end up in the water. As a result, the swimming pool rarely needs to be cleaned and regular water replacement is no longer necessary. This is environmentally friendly and also saves on water costs, chlorine and pH-enhancers use also decreases. Some SunnyTent users leave their swimming pool set up all year round and only replace the water once every two to four years. In addition, you no longer have to spend money on a pool cover that does not work properly and often needs regular replacement.

A swimming pool tent that opens as much or as little as you want

Je zwembad afdekken met de SunnyTent

When the pool dome is closed, the water heats up quickly and remains clean.

Je zwembad afdekken met de SunnyTent

By partially opening the SunnyTent, it acts as a windshield / windbreaker so that you can also enjoy swimming in a fresh breeze.

Je zwembad afdekken met de SunnyTent

The SunnyTent can be fully opened in warm weather. The tent foil lies behind the swimming pool when fully open.

Get more out of your SunnyTent

  • At the end of the season you can stow away your the SunnyTent, but you can also place it over your trampoline or sandpit, so that children can play outside in the winter.
  • With the SunnyTent, the swimming pool can remain installed all year round, even in winter. The water remains clean, so that the swimming pool can be put back into use immediately in the spring. So, cleaning up in the autumn and re-installing in the spring is no longer necessary! See the instructions for use and installation.

More than 20,000 users are already enjoying their SunnyTent

  • “Finally, no more fiddling with tarpaulins where the dirt still falls into my swimming pool”.
  • “Get rid of all cleaning paraphernalia! SunnyTent prevents the water from becoming dirty. That makes much more sense. “
  • “Expensive and poorly functioning solar systems and energy-guzzling heating devices are not required. The SunnyTent swimming pool tent warms the water wonderfully and a swimming pool cover is no longer necessary. “
  • “We have placed the SunnyTent dome tent over our jacuzzi. Gorgeous! Don’t need to sit in the middle of the cold again? ”
  • “Green water after a thunderstorm? No more, with a SunnyTent”

Cover your swimming pool with the SunnyTent

The SunnyTent is available in 5 different sizes. Find the right size SunnyTent for your swimming pool via the button below.

The benefits of the SunnyTent at a glance

  •  The SunnyTent is the best way to cover your swimming pool so that it stays warm and clean.
  •  The SunnyTent is very affordable compared to a fixed cover.
  • The SunnyTent uses no energy.

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