The SunnyTent as swimming pool Tent

In the spring and autumn and after some cooler summer days, your pool water can become icy and cold. With the SunnyTent this is a thing of the past. The SunnyTent uses the “greenhouse” principle, which warms up the water very quickly. The transparent tent gives the sun plenty of chance to heat up the water. Thereby, from mid-April to September the water quickly warms up to 25 degrees or warmer. Even when there’s little to no sunshine. So you can enjoy your pool much longer! And all without energy costs or environmental impact.

In addition, the SunnyTent keeps the pool water clean when used as a pool tent. Leaves, blossom and bird droppings no longer end up in the water. Therefore, the pool only rarely has to be cleaned and the frequent replacement of pool water is also no longer necessary. This will also help protect the environment and saves money on water, chlorine and pH boosters and reducers. Some SunnyTent users leave their pool all year round and replace the water only every two or three years. Also, you do not have to spend any more money on a pool tarpaulin, which doesn’t work very well.

With a closed SunnyTent, the water warms up quickly by the sun and keeps it nice and clean.

The SunnyTent partially open: the canvas serves as the windshield.

The SunnyTent completely open: comfortable in hot weather. The foil is folded behind the pool.

Tip: Of course, you can clear away the SunnyTent at the end of the season. But you can also place it over your trampoline or sandpit, so the children can also enjoy playing ‘outside’ in winter time.
Tip: You can leave your pool with the SunnyTent all year round. Even in winter time. The water stays clean and the pool is not dirty (no green slime, etc.). In spring time, the pool can immediately be used again. So without clearing it away in the autumn and without having to set it up again in the spring or summer. Make sure to consult the user instructions.

We have a limited supply of oval shaped SunnyTents available. Click here for more details.

This is what our customers think of the SunnyTent::

  • “Finally no more fiddling with tarpaulins where the dirt eventually falls in my swimming pool anyway.”
  • “Away with all cleaning burdens! SunnyTent prevents the water getting dirty. That makes a lot more sense.”
  • “Expensive and malfunctioning solar systems and energy-guzzling heating devices are not necessary. The pool tent of SunnyTent warms the water nicely and a pool liner is no longer needed. “
  • “We placed the dome of SunnyTent over our Jacuzzi. Fabulous! Now we don’t step directly into the cold. “
  • “Green water after a thunderstorm? No longer with a SunnyTent.”

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The SunnyTent is the best way to cover your pool. Pool shelters are usually very expensive, but the SunnyTent isn’t. This is a feasible solution for everyone to have  warm and clean pool water and also protect the environment.