Cover your sandpit with the SunnyTent

What child wouldn’t want to play in their sandpit all year round? With the SunnyTent your sandbox (and all the toys) will stay clean and dry. The sandpit can be used all year round under the transparent sandpit cover.

Not just a sandbox cover

Although a “normal” sandbox cover also keeps your sandbox clean and dry, the SunnyTent has additional benefits. Even when it’s windy or raining, you can play under SunnyTent. In addition, the SunnyTent ensures a pleasant temperature, because the transparent foil allows direct and indirect sunlight to flood in, heating up the area. With the SunnyTent you can enjoy your sandbox all year round.

A sandpit cover with different open positions

When closed, the sandbox remains clean and dry and can be used to play in bad weather.

By partially opening the sandbox tent, the canvas of the SunnyTent serves as a windshield.

In warm weather it is nice to open the sandpit cover completely. The canvas is folded behind the sandbox.

What our customers say about the SunnyTent

  • “Even in winter, my child often wants to go to the sandpit. But after a few minutes he is tired of it. Everything is wet and cold. Then I spend half an hour cleaning my child and cleaning all the toys. With the SunnyTent, that is a thing of the past. He plays in his sandbox for a long time and with great pleasure, even in the winter ”.
  • “We now also encourage the children of our day care centre to play in the sandpit in winter and in bad weather. Wonderfully nice outside, that’s good for the kids. And we no longer have to tinker with a sandpit or the stuff in it.

Keep your sandbox clean with the SunnyTent

The SunnyTent is available in 5 different sizes. Find the right size SunnyTent for your sandbox via the button below.

The benefits of the SunnyTent at a glance

  • The SandTent keeps your sandbox clean and dry.
  • With the SunnyTent, children can play “outside” all year round.
  • The SunnyTent ensures a pleasant temperature.
  • No more cats in your sandbox.