The SunnyTent as SandpitTent

Autumn, winter, spring or summer, kids always want to play in the sandpit. But often the sand is too wet and it’s too cold outside. If you place the SunnyTent over your sandpit, this is history: always dry and the sand is less cold, no cold wind or suffering from rain, no dirty sandpit toys and no leaves in the sand either. Also, the toys can stay in the sandpit, since they don’t get dirty. The SunnyTent is a transparent sandpit tent, making it pleasant to play ‘outside’. Making it the perfect sandpit cover for larger sandpits.

The SunnyTent as a SandpitTent is suitable for kindergartens, nurseries and group accommodations, but also for individuals with a larger sandpit.

With a closed SunnyTent, the sandpit stays clean and dry. Also playing can be great in bad weather conditions.

The SunnyTent partially open: the canvas serves as the windshield.

The SunnyTent completely open: comfortable in hot weather. The foil is folded behind the sandpit.

This is what our customers think of the SandpitTent:

  • “Even in winter, often my child want to play in the sandpit. But after a few minutes he is sick of it. Everything is wet and cold. I then spent half an hour changing my child’s clothes and cleaning up all the toys. With the SunnyTent, this is in the past. He plays long and with lots of fun in his sandpit, even in winter. “
  • “Now, we encourage the children in our day-care centre to go play in the sandpit even in the winter of in bad weather. Great activity outdoors, which is good for the kids. And we teachers do not have to fumble anymore with a sandpit cover or something like that.”

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The SunnyTent is the best way to cover your sandpit. Using the SunnyTent keeps your sandpit clean and dry. This means that kids can enjoy playing ‘outside’, even in the worse weather times in the year or even in the rain. They don’t get cold, so persevere longer, and also get much less dirty.