Protect your vegetable garden with the SunnyTent

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is becoming increasingly popular. To protect your own kitchen garden against external influences, a vegetable garden greenhouse is quickly a must. The SunnyTent also ensures that the growing season is extended.

Extend the growing season with the SunnyTent

At the end of the winter you want to get started in your kitchen garden. But often the temperature is still too low to plant or sow the first crops. With the SunnyTent as a vegetable garden greenhouse you brought the growing season ahead. Depending on the weather you keep the SunnyTent closed during the growing season, partly or fully open. By closing the tent largely or completely in the late summer, the growing season is also extended. Enjoy your vegetable garden with the SunnyTent almost all year round.

The oval vegetable garden greenhouse

The SunnyTent is available in a round and an oval shape. Although they are both suitable as a vegetable garden greenhouse, the oval SunnyTent has some extra advantages. For example, the cultivation surface is much larger with an oval SunnyTent than with the round SunnyTent. In addition, the middle section can be fully or partially opened for optimum aeration.


Our customers say this about the SunnyTent

  • “I always want to work in my vegetable garden at the end of the winter, but it is still too early for the crops. Now that I have the vegetable garden greenhouse from SunnyTent, I can enjoy my vegetable garden for longer. “
  • “If you buy a greenhouse in the store, you are very expensive. A few hundred to more than a thousand euros for a few square meters of cultivation surface. SunnyTent offers me a vegetable garden greenhouse for little money and with a large growing area. “
  • “Even if it rains a lot, the SunnyTent is a solution. Just partially open the tent on both sides and the crop is protected from the rain, there is still sufficient ventilation and it is not getting too hot for my plants. The SunnyTent is the greenhouse for me”.

Protect your kitchen garden with the SunnyTent

The SunnyTent is available in 5 different sizes. If you want to use the SunnyTent as a vegetable garden tent, simply measure the surface of your vegetable garden. This determines the correct size. Every size of SunnyTent is suitable for use as a vegetable garden tent, but the oval SunnyTent comes into its own.

The benefits of the SunnyTent at a glance

  • The SunnyTent is a very affordable alternative to a vegetable garden greenhouse.
  • The SunnyTent can be fully opened during the growing season.
  • There is a suitable SunnyTent for vegetable gardens of every size.