The SunnyTent as GreenhouseTent

At the end of winter you may like to work in your garden. But often, the temperature is still too low to plant or seed the first crops. With the SunnyTent as a greenhouse tent, you bring the growing season forward. Depending on the weather, you keep the SunnyTent completely closed or unfold it – partially or completely – during the growing season. It is even possible to open the GreenhouseTent on either side or on both sides. And in closing the tent partially or fully in late summer, the growing season is also further prolonged. And since “urban growing” is rapidly gaining popularity, the SunnyTent is ideal.

The Round SunnyTent can, of course, also be used for a vegetable garden, but we recommend the SunnyTent Oval for this purpose. This is because the oval SunnyTent has better and more ventilation possibilities and a larger cultivation area.


This is what our customers think of the GreenhouseTent:

  • “At the end of the winter, I always want to work in my garden, but it’s still too early to plant crops. Now I have the garden roof of the SunnyTent, I enjoy my vegetable garden longer.”
  • “If you buy a greenhouse in the store, that’s very expensive. Several hundreds to over a thousand Euros for a few square meters of cultivation area. SunnyTent offers me and a vegetable greenhouse for little money but with a large cultivation area.”
  • “Even if it rains a lot, the SunnyTent is a godsend. Just fold up the tent on both sides or just on one side, and the crop is protected from the rain, yet there is adequate ventilation and it is not too hot for my plants. For me, the SunnyTent is the perfect greenhouse. “

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The SunnyTent is the best way to cover your vegetable garden. Vegetable greenhouses are generally very expensive, but the SunnyTent isn’t. Adding a greenhouse in your garden is now feasible for everyone.