Spring 2017: New models

14 February 2017

Since its launch, the SunnyTent has been a great success. A real “hit” with customers. We are very proud of this, and that success drives us forward. We began SunnyTent with two sizes: the Round M and the Round L. Both equally successful. But, we discovered a clear need for more diverse and larger models.

Larger and mostly oblong shaped pools are growing in popularity, and because of this, from Spring 2017, we care expanding our SunnyTent range. It now includes a Round XL, with a ground diameter of ca. 6.40 m. and a top height of 3.2 m.

In addition, we have two further models, the Oval M and the Oval L.

We are confident that these new models will be just as successful, and bring warm, clean swimming pool water to even more families!!!

Click here for more information about the different models and sizes we sell.

SunnyTent oval maat L