Rectangle pool dome

Are you looking for a rectangular pool dome for your above-ground pool so you can enjoy the swimming season even longer without having to clean the pool every day? Then our SunnyTents are the perfect solution.

A rectangle pool dome protects your pool

A rectangle pool dome is a convenient solution if you are looking for a simple and affordable way to protect and heat your pool water. Among other things, it offers protection from rain, wind, hail, and sun, so you can enjoy your pool all year round. SunnyTent’s rectangular pool dome is easy to place over your built-in pool. The pool dome itself is UV-resistant but does let UV rays pass through. This means your skin is not protected, although there is a slight inhibition of the rays. So take care and apply sunscreen.

Warm the water with a rectangular dome over your pool

The SunnyTent is like a rectangle dome that you place over your pool. This not only protects your pool, but also allows you to heat it naturally. This saves you the cost of purchasing a water pump and the associated electricity costs. The foil of our rectangular pool dome is made of foil that is also used in greenhouses. As the sun heats the dome, the pool water stays nice and warm and you can enjoy a pleasant water temperature from April to September. Fun fact, the SunnyTent can also be used as a hot tub dome.

The advantages of our rectangular pool dome

Our rectangle pool dome has a number of advantages. Below, we list a few for you:

  • Makes your pool water up to 10°C warmer
  • Cost-effective alternative to a water pump
  • Made of high European quality
  • Standard 2-year warranty
  • Keeps your pool water clean
  • Swimming in all weather conditions
  • A sustainably heated pool from April to September
  • Available in various sizes

What size do you need for your rectangular above-ground pool?

You obviously want to choose the right size pool dome for your rectangular pool. That’s why we have some useful tips and a size chart for you.

  • The SunnyTent needs space. Allow at least 25 cm free space around the tent and at least 40 cm at the back (for opening the tent).
  • Take the outer dimensions of your pool and measure the maximum possible distance.
  • Does your pool have a rim, skimmer or other protruding parts? Include these in your calculation so they also fit in the SunnyTent.
  • If your pool is not in the sizing chart, choose a slightly larger pool size from the chart. Not satisfied? Please contact our customer service.

Size chart for square / rectangular / oval pools:

Pool length (in cm)Pool width (in cm)Pool Height (in cm)Best size SunnyTentNote
L = max. 300B = max. 201H = max. 100Round M
L = max 404B = max. 285H = max. 100Round L
Oval M
L = 412B = 201H = 122Round L
Oval M
L = 427B = 427H = 107Oval L
L = 440B = 306H = 125Round XL
L = 450B = 220H = 84Round L
Oval M
L = 460B = 285H = 100Oval M
L = 480B = 325H = 132Oval L
L = 488B = 244H = 107Round XL
Oval M
Tight fit Oval M
L = 488B = 366H = 122Oval L
L = 490B = 360H = 122Oval L
L = 500B = 300H = 120Oval L
L = 510B = 306H = 125Oval L
L = 516B = 396H = 125Oval L
L = 549B = 274H = 132Oval L
L = 549B = 305H = 107Oval L
L = 549B = 366H = 122Oval L
L = 566B = 306H = 125Oval LTight fit Oval L
L = 580B = 310H = 100Oval L
L = 610B = 366H = 122Oval L
Tight fit Oval L

Order your rectangular pool dome easily online

Choose the right size and order your rectangular pool dome of high European quality easily online. You will then have your SunnyTent delivered within 3-5 working days. In addition, you also benefit from free shipping in the United Kingdom on all our pool domes. The SunnyTent pool dome is also suitable as pool dome round and pool dome oval.