Pool Dome 366

Suitable for different shapes and sizes: the pool dome 366 from SunnyTent!

Whether you have a round, square, rectangular or oval pool, our pool dome is suitable for different shapes and sizes of pools up to 366 cm or from 366 cm. The pool dome round M from SunnyTent is suitable for pools up to a diameter of 366 cm. This SunnyTent is also suitable for square, rectangular and oval pools with a maximum length of 300 cm.

The SunnyTent round L is suitable for round pools from 366 cm to 478 cm in diameter. Choose the right size for your pool and enjoy all the benefits that the pool dome from SunnyTent has to offer. Need help choosing the right size? Then contact us without any obligations.

Year-round swimming fun with a pool enclosure suitable for 366 cm pools

Our pool enclosure offers many advantages for owners of an above-ground or in-ground pool. Discover how this enclosure ensures that your pool water stays clean, the water stays warm and you can swim outdoors from spring to autumn. In addition, our round pool enclosure also eliminates the need for a heat pump and protects your pool from various weather conditions.

Keep your pool water clean and warm

One of the main advantages of the pool dome 366 is that it keeps your pool water clean. As a result, you hardly have to spend any time cleaning and maintaining your pool, as leaves, insects and other debris are kept out. In addition, the dome keeps the water warm longer. Even with falling outdoor temperatures, the pool dome can raise the water temperature by up to 10 degrees, allowing you to swim outside longer, even in spring and fall.

With the pool dome for your 366 pool, you no longer need a heat pump

Another advantage of the pool canopy for your 366 cm pool is that you do not need a heat pump. Thanks to the dome’s natural thermal insulation, heat loss is minimized. This results in energy savings and lower costs in the long run. Enjoy a warm pool without additional electricity consumption and benefit from a sustainable and cost-effective solution.

Why a pool dome from SunnyTent?

All our pool domes for your 366 cm pool are of European quality. You can rely on the high-quality materials and durability of the pool dome. Furthermore, the canopy will be delivered to your home within 3 to 5 business days, so you can quickly enjoy the benefits of our pool canopy. Installation is easy and can be done yourself using the clear instructions. And should anything happen, SunnyTent offers a standard 2-year warranty on the pool canopy, so you can enjoy your pool carefree.