Oval SunnyTent

The pool tent oval

Do you have a pool in your garden and are you looking for a cover that keeps the dirt out of the pool? Do you also want to swim in warm water? With the SunnyTent oval pool dome over your pool, you cover it and the water stays clean and warm. The oval SunnyTent is suitable for elongated and rectangular pools. If you have a different shaped pool, the round SunnyTent may be more suitable. The SunnyTent oval is available in sizes M (6.50m x 4.40m x 2.20m) and L (7.50m x 5.40m x 2.70m).

The advantages of an oval pool tent

In addition to the fact that the oval pool dome keeps the water in your pool clean and warm, there are other advantages. The first advantage is that you do not have to pay any energy costs for heating the pool. There are various options for heating your pool. One of the options is solar collectors that work on solar energy, the disadvantage is that the heat is not retained because the pool is not covered. The SunnyTent pool dome covers your pool and retains the heat. Because it also keeps the water clean, you save litres of water! In addition to the SunnyTent, you should use chlorine and check the pH value of the water frequently. That way, you also combat invisible dirt.

Saving water with the SunnyTent pool dome

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The SunnyTent can be used for both above-ground pools and inground pools. Do you have an inground pool in your garden? The oval-shaped SunnyTent is ideal if you want clean and warm swimming water. There are a number of points to bear in mind. Firstly, an inground pool often loses heat at the sides and bottom of the pool. Especially if there is little insulation between the earth and the pool. If this is the case, it is difficult to get and keep the water warm. Secondly, make sure that the oval pool dome is installed on a flat surface. Usually, this ground is paved, see how to install the SunnyTent on a hard surface. Third, it is important to have about 40 cm of space at the front and back of the pool to where the SunnyTent is standing. This ensures that the tent fabric is not damaged and does not hang in the water when opened.


Frequently asked questions about the oval pool dome


With the SunnyTent oval swimming pool dome, you can swim in warm water from spring to autumn. There are no energy costs involved, only yours to set up the dome. This is because the sun and its UV rays heat the water through the oval pool dome and keep it warm at the same time. So you can swim even when it rains! Besides heating, the oval swimming pool dome also keeps the swimming water clean from dirt such as leaves and insects. Check the water values regularly so that the pool water truly remains clean.
The oval pool dome is available in two different sizes, the oval M and the oval L. Both pool domes are suitable for (large) elongated pools. Is your pool 4 to 6 metres long? Then the oval dome is perfect for your pool. For the exact dimensions, check out our size chart.
The oval pool domes are large tents of 6.5 and 7.5 metres. Our small oval pool dome size M costs €799 and our larger oval pool dome size L costs €899.