Bestway Pool Dome

If you have a Bestway pool in your garden, of course you want to be able to enjoy it all year round. With a pool enclosure from SunnyTent, this is made possible. Our pool enclosures fit over any Bestway pool. This keeps your pool nice and warm and clean.

Keep your pool water clean and warm with a Bestway pool dome from SunnyTent

One of the main benefits of a pool dome is that it keeps your pool water clean. It keeps leaves, insects and other debris out of the pool, so you spend less time cleaning the water. You simply slide the pool enclosure up over your Bestway pool and you can start swimming right away. In addition, the water also stays warmer longer thanks to the enclosure. Heat from the sun is retained and the water can get up to 10 degrees warmer than without the cover. This allows you to enjoy pleasantly warm water longer, even in the spring and fall. Last but not least, you don’t need a heat pump!

A heat pump is a thing of the past with a pool enclosure for your Bestway pool

Another advantage of a pool enclosure from SunnyTent is that you can swim outdoors from spring through fall. Even on cooler days or windy times, you can stay comfortable in your pool because the canopy provides protection from the weather. Rain, wind and even light hail cannot spoil your swimming pleasure. Moreover, you don’t need to purchase a heat pump to keep the water at the right temperature. This means you can save a lot of money.

A suitable pool dome for every Bestway pool

SunnyTent’s pool enclosures fit around any Bestway pool. Whether you have a round, rectangular or oval Bestway pool, there is always a suitable canopy for your pool. In addition, SunnyTent’s pool domes are known for their high quality. In fact, the pool enclosures are of European quality.

Easy installation

As for the installation of the pool enclosure, you don’t have to worry. It is easy and quick to do, without the need for any special tools. Using the included manual, you can set up the enclosure step by step. Should you still have questions, the SunnyTent team is ready to help you. You can also find several videos of the assembly on our YouTube channel.

Order your Bestway pool enclosure easily online

If you have a Bestway pool in your yard and want to enjoy clean and warm pool water all year round, a pool enclosure from SunnyTent is the perfect choice. With the benefits of a clean and warm pool environment, saving on energy and heat pump purchase costs, easy installation, and product warranty, SunnyTent offers everything you need for optimal swimming enjoyment in your Bestway pool.

All pool enclosures are delivered to your home within 3 to 5 business days. So you can enjoy your enclosure quickly and carefree. When you purchase a pool enclosure from SunnyTent, you also get a standard 2-year warranty. In the unlikely event of a problem with the enclosure, you can count on the excellent service of SunnyTent to solve the problem.