If you have ordered the SunnyTent through this web shop, you can send the tent back to us within 14 calendar days. This should be seen as a so-called cooling-off period. This period of 14 calendar days starts on the day following receipt of the product.
During the cooling-off period, you should treat our product and the packaging carefully. The package can be unpacked to review the product. But if the SunnyTent has been set up (even partially), it is no longer possible to return anything.

If the SunnyTent is returned within the cooling-off period, it has to include all accessories and has to be sent in original condition and packaging.

  • Contact our customer service. They ensure that a collection order is created, so that you do not have to arrange the return yourself (at high cost). The package is collected by appointment.
  • You can also choose to return the package yourself on your own account. In this case, you can send this to SunnyTent B.V., Loo 16 A, 5571 KR Bergeijk, the Netherlands.
  • Make sure all sharp parts are well separated from the packed tent canvas. This is to avoid damage on the tent cloth. For this purpose, use the supplied protective materials and, if necessary, fill it with additional protection.
    Also make sure that the box is properly sealed; please tape any damaged or weak spots shut.
    If during the return transport any damages appear to the tent, this unfortunately affects the amount credited by us. It is even possible that we cannot take back the product because it has become useless. Therefore, pack the tent and accessories very well.
  • Please ensure that the tent foil is completely clean and dry before packing. If your tent is damp or dirty, it can arrive to us in a condition that we cannot sell as a second hand tent. If this happens, we will be unable to refund your purchase price.
  • Also send the completed return form along with the original invoice.
  • The shipping costs for returning are at your own expense. However, because we arrange to have the package collected, these costs are relatively low. The customer service team will inform you in advance about the amount of these costs. After we have approved the returned products (completeness and damages), we will pay you back the full amount, minus the previously agreed collection costs. We do this within 30 days (but often much faster).
  • Any original shipping / delivery costs paid by the customer will not be refunded / reimbursed by us.
  • Unfortunately, for our customers in Switzerland and Norway, it is not possible for us to arrange a collection request with our current carrier. These customers can send their package directly back to: SunnyTent B.V., Loo 16 A, 5571 KR Bergeijk, The Netherlands.