Tent foil protector

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The Round SunnyTent can be opened completely, resulting in the tent foil piling up at the rear of the tent. With this tent foil protector, you can then protect the stacked tent foil against dirt, simply by placing the protector on top of the layers (and attaching it). In addition, it also provides protection against bright sunshine for relatively new tent foil; a new tent canvas contains a fresh layer of anti-condensation wax. When a bright sun shines directly on the folded tent foil, the wax layer can sometimes melt, as a result the layers of foil can stick to each other. If the tent foil is pulled up again later (when the foil has cooled), the film can sometimes be damaged as a result. With this cover, this potential melting will not happen. If the tent foil has been in use for a while (and has been exposed to rain), this problem will also not occur.

Content box

The tent foil protector is supplied in one box containing:

  • 1 insulating sheet with reflective top layer (on top and bottom) and mounting rings
  • fastening elastics
  • plastic locking pegs


The installation time is approx. 10 minutes.
There are three sizes of tent foil protector; for the SunnyTent Round M, Round L and Round XL. If the swimming pool is relatively large compared to the SunnyTent, the tent foil protector is placed diagonally up against the swimming pool (see photos). If the swimming pool is relatively small, the Tent foil protector will lay flatter on the ground.

Extra point of attention

During the winter months, do not leave your SunnyTent outdoors lying under the tent foil protector. This is not the intended function of the protector. Please read more tips about your SunnyTent in the winter months.

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