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SunnyTent Pool Dome Oval size L

Heat your pool water in the most natural way possible. The SunnyTent heats the water by reflecting the sun and its light and retains the heat. From spring to autumn, hours of swimming fun in warm, clean water. Create your own play paradise in your own backyard! Designed especially for long, rectangular pools and extra strong due to cross pole sets.


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  • Easy installation
  • Up to 10°C warmer water
  • European quality
  • Including cross pole sets
  • 2 year warranty


The SunnyTent

Do you always want to be able to swim in warm and clean water? Then the SunnyTent is a must-have! The SunnyTent Oval size L is the largest oval SunnyTent. This swimming pool tent is of European quality and comes standard with two cross pole sets for extra reinforcement. The thick tent foil is made of eight-layer PE foil and is very sun-resistant. The sturdy, slightly flexible glass fibre pole sets are made in Germany. The tent foil comes in a solid storage bag, so you can store the SunnyTent protected when not in use. Perfect for the winter. Are you planning to set up the SunnyTent on a hard surface? This is possible with our hard surface kit.


The oval SunnyTent size L has a maximum length at ground level of approx. 7.50 m / 24.6 ft, a maximum width of approx. 5.40 m / 17.7 ft and a top height of approx. 2.70 m / 106.3 inch. Use our size chart to calculate which size SunnyTent fits your pool. The installation of the oval SunnyTent size L takes 2 hours with 2 people. Due to the size of the SunnyTent, two adults are required for the partial opening, the full opening and the pulling up of the SunnyTent (approx. 2 minutes).

Use & Warranty

The SunnyTent Oval size L can be used as a SunnyTent for large, elongated pools. In addition, the SunnyTent is also suitable for elongated sandpits, vegetable gardens and in-ground trampolines. Due to the size of the oval SunnyTent size L, it should not be used during autumn and winter. In addition, the SunnyTent is sensitive to wind and should be placed in a place with little wind. For additional stability, the oval SunnyTent size L has two sets of cross poles as standard. The SunnyTent comes with a 2 year full guarantee on all parts.

Additional information

Weight26,7 kg
Dimensions116 × 39 × 16 cm

This product is shipped in two boxes.


Box 1: 29 kg.
Box 2: 14,5 kg.


SunnyTent Oval L: 7,50m x 5,40m x 2,70m (L x W x H)
Box 1: 120 x 40 x 17 cm.
Box 2: 95 x 37 x 11 cm.

Installation video


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4 in stock

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