3 Locking pegs for soft surfaces


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The SunnyTent comes standard with 6 plastic locking pegs. With these locking pegs you can “lock” the twist pegs so that they do not accidentally “open”.

You must also use the locking pegs to mark the twist pegs if you (partially) open your SunnyTent. By pushing the locking pegs in the ground and allowing them to protrude well above the twist pegs, the locations of the twist pegs stands out. This prevents injuries (especially to the feet) as a result of overlooking and tripping over the twist pegs (which only slightly rise above the ground or are hidden in the grass).

In the unlikely event that a locking peg is broken or lost, you can order a new set here. If you put this product in your shopping cart, you will receive 3 locking pegs.

Please note: If you place your SunnyTent on a paved or other hard surface, you will need other installation materials / pegs. Read more about installing the SunnyTent on a hard surface.