Cross Pole Set for Oval SunnyTent

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This (double) cross pole set offers your oval SunnyTent extra strength. The set fits under the middle section of your oval SunnyTent, giving it extra support. With this cross pole set, the middle section of your SunnyTent will be extra tight and secure, making the tent stronger (in wind) and looking great!

The oval SunnyTent in the wind

Due to its size, the oval SunnyTent is sensitive to wind. This cross pole set makes the tent a bit stronger, but we still recommend that the oval tent is only suitable for sheltered, wind free locations. Also, this tent should not be used in winter or autumn. See the user manual for your oval SunnyTent.

Box contents

This (double) cross pole set comes in one box containing:

  •  2 pole-sets (fiberglass)
  • 2 pole hoses (plastic)
  • 2 ground pipes (metal)
  • 2 connection forks (metal)
  • 2 filler sleeves (plastic)

Points to note

  • This cross pole set is positioned in the middle of the long two sides / openings of the oval SunnyTent. When the tent foil (on the sides) is rolled up, this cross pole set is in the middle of the opening. There is enough space to easily enter and exit the tent / pool around the poles.
  • The cross pole set can also be used with older SunnyTents and on hard surfaces.

Assembly time is approx. 30 minutes.
All our products come with a 2-year full warranty.

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Cross-pole Set Oval

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