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The Pool Dome For Your Swimming Pool

Pool domes are available in many different variations, from simple tarpaulins to high-quality technological constructions. You can use a canopy to cover only your pool, but a dome can also have many other benefits and that is where it becomes much more interesting.

Of course you can opt for a simple tarpaulin (which unfortunately does not always work well), but you can also opt for the “most popular swimming pool dome of last summer”, the SunnyTent.

Make cold pool water a thing of the past with the SunnyTent. The ‘horticultural greenhouse principle’ means that the water is ‘automatically’ heated by the sun. The transparent tent allows the sun to very effectively warm up the water. So, from mid-April to September the water will therefore warm quickly to 25 degrees or even warmer. Even on cloudy days.

So besides the fact that the SunnyTent is of course a swimming pool dome, the tent also ensures that the water is warm and stays warm. So, no dirt in your nice, warm water!

Je zwembad afdekken met de SunnyTent

With a closed SunnyTent the sun warms the water up quickly and stays nice and clean.

Je zwembad afdekken met de SunnyTent

With the SunnyTent partially open: the cover serves as a windbreak.

Je zwembad afdekken met de SunnyTent

With the SunnyTent fully opened: nice in very hot weather. The tent canvas is folded behind the pool.

A SunnyTent as a pool dome over your swimming pool has many advantages:

  • The water is heated in a natural way, so there is no high energy cost or environmental impact.
  • You can enjoy and lengthen your swimming pool season, from mid-April to September.
  • The water rarely needs to be cleaned. This results in replacing lost water less often.
  • You can leave your SunnyTent over your swimming pool all year round. Even in the winter. The water and the pool remain clean. No dirt (no green deposits, etc.). Before using in winter, read the guidelines in the manuals.

A high-quality swimming pool dome, which works throughout the year, is very expensive. Fortunately, the SunnyTent is relatively inexpensive, you can buy a complete set for only £ 299. Consider how much you will save in terms of time and extra costs, for example, you will have to purchase fewer chlorine tablets, clean the water less yourself and you will no longer have to clean up dirt in the pool.

The SunnyTent is not a pool dome in the traditional sense, but combines various advantages in one handy package, all for a reasonable price.

Do you have questions about the SunnyTent as a pool dome or possibly about the delivery? Then contact us. We can be reached by telephone 7 days a week!

From mid-April 2017, oval SunnyTents are also available (limited stock).

Here is what our customers have to say about the SunnyTent:

  • “Finally no more fiddling with tarpaulins where the dirt eventually falls into my pool”
  • “Get rid of all cleaning paraphernalia! SunnyTent prevents the water from becoming dirty. That is much more logical “
  • “Expensive and poorly functioning solar systems and energy-absorbing heaters are not required. The SunnyTent pool tent heats up the water and a pool cover is no longer necessary “
  • “We have placed the SunnyTent cover tent over our Jacuzzi. Delicious! Didn’t sit in cold water once! “
  • “Green water after a thunderstorm? No more with a SunnyTent “

The SunnyTent is the only way to cover your swimming pool. Pool domes are normally very expensive. However, the SunnyTent is not. This makes warm and clean pool water feasible for everyone, in a very environmentally friendly fashion.

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