Manual SunnyTent Round – size M

Two people can easily set up this SunnyTent. It takes about 1 hour. You should firstly look at the installation video, and use the written instructions as a reference. Please also read the instructions for use, safety guidelines, and warranty conditions before using your SunnyTent. Failure to follow the instructions will result in the loss of your warranty! You will find all this information below.

The video and user manual are for use and installation of your SunnyTent on a soft surface (grass). You will need a Hard Surface Installation Kit should you want to install your tent on a hard surface (decking, concrete etc.). This kit is available from our webshop and the instructions for its use can also be found below.

The SunnyTent is constantly evolving. As a result of this, the SunnyTent supplied may differ slightly from the manual or video. Therefore, you will not will not be able to derive any rights from the manual or video.