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How does the SunnyTent work?

The SunnyTent heats the air and water

The graph below shows the air temperature inside the SunnyTent, compared to the outside air temperature. As you can see, it is up to 18 degrees warmer in the pool dome than outside. This makes your pool water warm up much faster and cool down much less quickly.

Hoe werkt de SunnyTent temperatuurgrafiek

How to heat your swimming pool with the SunnyTent

As you can see it gets pretty warm in the SunnyTent. By placing SunnyTent over your swimming, the water will heat up quickly and by a considerable amount.

Hoe werkt de SunnyTent wtertemperatuur

The graph above shows the temperature trend of the water during the summer of 2016 with and without a SunnyTent. As you can see, the swimming pool water under a SunnyTent is on average 10 ° C higher than the pool without a SunnyTent. This shows that with a SunnyTent you can achieve and maintain the ideal swimming pool temperature from April to September. That means swimming fun for around 130 days a year!

Tips for maximum effect

  • The following tips, will help you to heat your swimming pool as effectively as possible:
  • Close the pool dome after swimming to achieve maximum warming of the water.
  •  Switch on the pump during the day so that the heated upper layer is thoroughly mixed with the colder lower layer. As a result, all the water absorbs maximum heat.
  •  Do not switch on the pump in the evening or at night. Stagnant water provides the least heat. Compare it with a cup of tea: if you do not stir, the tea stays hot longer than when you do stir.
  •  Did you know that the foil of the SunnyTent is a thermal? To explain: it prevents the dissipation of heat. That is why we lose so little temperature during cooler nights.
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