“In the early spring of 2011, I bought a ground swimming pool. 2011 turned out to be a year with a decent spring and autumn and a very poor summer. Anything but a great pool year. But naturally, my kids always wanted to swim. From my horticultural background, the idea of placing a transparent tent over it, arose. In a greenhouse, it is almost always more than 25 degrees in the Netherlands from mid-April to mid-September. Even when the sun is not shining. Thus, the water is rarely colder than 25 degrees. And also the daily cleaning of the water would be thing of the past. Because we have a few trees near the pool, our pool was constantly polluted. Now, that problem was also solved.”


Neighbours and friends were immediately enthusiastic:
“You should bring that to the market!”


“The first version of the tent was, both in construction and materials used, was not exactly perfect, but in terms of functionality it was an immediate hit. For months, our pool was the place to be for the friends of our children. By designing the necessary improvements, the idea of the pool tent was born. When it turned out that the tent was also easily adaptable to, for example, the trampoline, sandpit and vegetable garden, the plan came to develop the product further and bring it to the market. The brand name SunnyTent seemed the best suited.”


History sunnytent



“In a time where children often watch TV and sit at their gaming consoles, creating additional opportunities for great outdoor play is important. Playing outside is indeed healthy in many ways (fresh air, motor skills, endurance) and should therefore be encouraged. As a father of four children, I am also pleased with our SunnyTent!”

Have fun with your SunnyTent!
Sincerely, Anton Kleemans