The history of the SunnyTent | SunnyTent


The first swimming pool dome

The Netherlands does not have the hottest summers, so it is not always ideal swimming weather. Nevertheless, children like to swim in the summer and parents buy an above-ground pool. But how does the pool water stay warm? The idea arose to place a transparent tent over the pool. In a horticultural greenhouse in the Netherlands, it is almost always more than 25 degrees warm from mid-April to mid-September, even when the sun is not shining. Would this also work for water? With the tent, the water would rarely get colder than 25 degrees. The daily cleaning of leaves in the water would also be a thing of the past.

Neighbours, friends and acquaintances were immediately enthusiastic: “You have to put that on the market!”

The first version of the tent was certainly not optimal in terms of construction and materials used, but it was an instant hit in terms of functionality. For months the swimming pool was “the place to be” for children. With this and some initial necessary improvements, the idea of the swimming pool tent was born. When it later turned out that the tent could also be used for, among other things, the trampoline, the sandpit, and the vegetable garden, the plan was developed to further develop the product and then to bring it on the market. And thus the SunnyTent was born.

More outdoor fun with the SunnyTent

At a time when children watch too much TV, are engrossed in their smartphone, and are sitting behind their gaming computers, it is important to create additional opportunities for fun outdoor play. After all, playing outdoors is healthy in many ways (fresh air, motor skills, endurance) and must therefore be encouraged. With the SunnyTent the children are outside more often and are more active. What more could you want as a parent?

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