The SunnyTent does not warm up the pool very well. How is that possible?

If the water does not warm up properly, this can have several causes;

  • If it is an in-ground pool, the pool often loses heat to the sides and the bottom of the swimming pool. Especially when there is not enough good insulation between the pool and the ground. In fact, you get the ‘basement’ effect; in the summer, a basement in a house is always cooler than the ambient temperature (often around 18 degrees Celsius).
  • If the SunnyTent is not closed properly, the water does not warm up very well and cools down too much.
  • If most of the day (and especially between about 11.00 and 16.00 hrs), the pool is in the shade, the air in the SunnyTent is not as hot as when the tent is in the sun for a longer period. Naturally then, the water warms up less well and slower.

A tip to warm up the water faster and better;
Turn on the pool pump during the day, especially when the sun shines. Then the upper layer of water warmed up by the SunnyTent will mix well with the colder lower layers. This way, the water takes on the air temperature inside the SunnyTent (which is higher). Furthermore, turn off the pump in the evening and at night. Still water retains its heat better than moving water.