Of what materials is the SunnyTent made? Is it strong enough?

The tent canvas is made of triple layer PE foil, (fused together). As it is commonly used in professional horticulture, it is therefore a thick foil. It is extremely sturdy and sun resistant. Hail is also not a problem, (unless it is very extreme, as you would see on the news, causing extensive widespread damage, where whole campsites are whipped away). The SunnyTent can withstand normal hail storms. It is also wind resistant, to a point. If it is windy,you do not have to pack it all away and set it up from scratch all over again. It only takes a minute (literally!) to prepare the round SunnyTent for windier conditions, a little longer for the Oval. And you can very quickly re-erect the tent without any problem when the wind has passed. So, at what wind speed do you need to take action? This depends on the model of SunnyTent you own and the degree of protection it has from the elements. If your tent sits in a very sheltered location, it can withstand higher winds than a tent standing in an open field with no pretection. You can find on our YouTube channel a video of a SunnyTent standing tall in a strong wind. In general, it can be said that if your tent has some degree of protection from the wind and stands in a sheltered spot, you will rarely need to fold it down. From 2019, the SunnyTent Round XL will be delivered with a Cross Pole Set. However, due to its size, this tent remains wind-sensitive. The SunnyTent Round XL is therefore not suitable for use in windy or open locations. We also do not recommend this tent for use in the winter.

The poles of the SunnyTent are made of very strong fiberglass and are 12.7 mm thick. That’s why the SunnyTent can withstand quite a beating. Fiberglass is light and flexible, therefore, the SunnyTent can move with the wind and the poles rarely or never break. On the very rare occasion, that a pole does break in extreme conditions, you can buy a replacement pole set from our shop.

The materials of the SunnyTent are winter resistant. However, it is worth noting that if snow or freezing rain settles on the SunnyTent, it may cause the tent to sag under the weight. But your pool water will remain clean, as the cover still protects against debris such as leaves, insects etc…

Tip: Should you wish to place the SunnyTent Round M or L in an open location or a place without much protection from the wind, then the purchase of a Cross Pole Set (CPS) should be considered. The CPS offers your Round SunnyTent extra strength and protection not only from wind, but also from light snow or ice.