Do I still need chlorine, pump and other resources if I have a SunnyTent?

Even with a SunnyTent, water quality must be maintained by ensuring the proper pH and chlorine levels and by pumping the water regularly. These procedures are the same for all pools. For this purpose, products such as pH+, pH and chlorine powder and tablets are available from pool dealers, who can also advise on this matter. SunnyTent has the advantage of consuming less chlorine etc. because less water with chlorine evaporates when a SunnyTent is closed, and because you simply have to replace the water less often.
With a SunnyTent less dirt from outside gets into the water. Think of leaves, blossom, pollen, bird droppings, dust, etc. As a result, the water remains considerably cleaner. Of course it only remains clean when you avoid stepping into the pool with dirty feet. A good pump-filter system is recommended to keep the pool water clean, this will also to filter the smaller, not immediately visible dirt from the water. Your pool dealer can inform you about this.