Discover the benefits of the SunnyTent vegetable garden greenhouse

Fruit and vegetables from our own garden; 100% organic, 100% fresh. Sound idyllic? That is why vegetable gardens are more in demand in 2020 than ever before. People now want to know what they are eating. Healthy and with a minimal burden on the environment. “Urban growing” is really on trend.

Extend the growing season

Of course a vegetable garden is not for everyone. After all, you have to have the space for it. But those who do have a vegetable garden would like to extend the growing season. In the open air (“open ground” in technical terms) you can only grow products in Western and Northern Europe for around 5 months of the year. With the SunnyTent as a vegetable garden tent you can extend the growing season by 3 to 4 months (start earlier and continue longer).

Different sizes

The SunnyTent is available in two types: round and oval. Although the round SunnyTent can also be used as a vegetable garden dome, the oval is the most suitable. This has to do with the “aeration options”. The oval SunnyTent can be partially opened at the top, creating natural ventilation, such as with professional horticultural greenhouses. The round SunnyTent can also be partially opened, but only at the bottom, which results in less ideal growing conditions.
The oval SunnyTent is available in two sizes (see pictures);

  • Oval M:
    • maximum length on the ground: approx. 6.50 m
    • maximum width on the ground: approx. 4.40 m
    • maximum height: approx. 2.20 m
    • total growing surface: approx. 24 m2


  • Oval L:
    • maximum length on the ground: 7.50 m
    • maximum width on the ground: approx. 5.40 m
    • maximum height: approx. 2.70 m
    • total growing area: approx. 34 m2

The SunnyTent is suitable for growing almost all fruit and vegetables. From a small crop such as a head of lettuce, to larger crops such as cucumber / tomatoes / pepper plants / raspberry bushes etc.

The investment

Small glass greenhouses can easily cost € 1,000 or more at stores such as B&Q and Homebase. A large investment for a growing surface of approximately 5 m2. Compare this with the prices of the SunnyTent and you will not only find it much cheaper, you also have a growing surface that is approximately 6 or 7 times larger.
In short: a SunnyTent as a vegetable garden dome is a great investment for someone who wants home grown fruit and vegetables.