Discover the advantages of the SunnyTent as an outdoor Jacuzzi cover

Discover the advantages of the SunnyTent as a Jacuzzi / hot tub dome

Covering your jacuzzi has many advantages. Did you know that you can also use the SunnyTent as a Jacuzzi cover? We list the benefits for you.

Reduce your energy costs by using a jacuzzi / hot tub cover

A jacuzzi is often heated to reach the ideal and most comfortable temperature. However, this takes a lot of energy. By placing a SunnyTent over your hot tub you can reduce your energy costs. The Jacuzzi / hot tub tent works just like a horticultural greenhouse. The water is heated by direct and indirect sunlight. You also need less energy to heat the jacuzzi, because the heat is retained by the tent.

Covering your jacuzzi / hot tub means clean water

The SunnyTent keeps the water clean, because leaves, bird droppings and other dirt no longer fall into the water. As a result, the jacuzzi rarely needs to be cleaned. You also need to change the water less often. This saves on water costs, chlorine and pH risers and reducers and as a result, also protects the environment.

jacuzzi overkapping SunnyTent

A jacuzzi / hot tub cover with different positions

The SunnyTent can be used in 3 ways:

  • In warm weather, the SunnyTent can be fully opened. The foil is then laid entirely behind the jacuzzi.
  • The Jacuzzi tent can also be partially opened. It can then serve as a rain and wind screen and you can even enjoy your jacuzzi even in a cool breeze and in the rain!.
  • When the SunnyTent is closed, the water heats up quickly and the water remains clean.

Get more out of your SunnyTent

With the SunnyTent, the Jacuzzi can be used all year round, even in winter. Because the air is heated under the jacuzzi cover, the temperature under the tent is also very pleasant in winter. A tip: keep some extra space under the jacuzzi tent so that you can dry yourself off and get dressed “inside” before you get back in the cold.

Cover your jacuzzi / hot tub with the SunnyTent

The SunnyTent is available in 5 different sizes. Find the right size SunnyTent for your jacuzzi via the button below.

The advantages of the SunnyTent at a glance

  • The SunnyTent is the best way to cover your jacuzzi / hot tub to ensure it stays warm and clean.
  • The SunnyTent is very affordable compared to a fixed roof.
  • The SunnyTent does not use any energy, thus reducing your energy costs for heating your outdoor jacuzzi / hot tub.

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