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The SunnyTent and the swimming pool after “their hibernation”

As a test, Anton (the inventor) left his swimming pool out over the winter months covered with the SunnyTent and the cross pole set. And with success! The swimming pool has now been running for 3 consecutive years with the same water! Here he shares his findings.

The opening of the swimming pool season

April 19 was the day: after a wintering under the SunnyTent my swimming pool comes out of hibernation. The swimming pool will start the season with the same water. That is, if the more than 20 m3 of water is clean enough. So, quite excitedly I opened my SunnyTent. What did I find? Crystal clear water. Some sand on the bottom, but that had come in with the kids last summer.
De SunnyTent en het zwembad na hun winterslaap


Isn’t it dirty / unsanitary, the same water for several years?

First, the SunnyTent prevents a lot of dirt from entering the pool (including bird poop). Secondly, it is of course important that the pH and chlorine values of the water are consistently good. In winter that is no problem, because then the water temperature is too low for algae growth. From spring to autumn, a good sand filter pump is connected and I keep a close eye on the pH and chlorine values (and adjust them if necessary). By doing this, I use fewer resources to maintain these values than if I didn’t have a SunnyTent. This is because much less (good) water evaporates with a closed SunnyTent.

How did the SunnyTent itself survive the winter?

I started using the newly developed cross pole set this winter. This allows the SunnyTent to withstand even stronger winds and the tent can withstand light snow and sleet. Only once, when it snowed hard, did I open the SunnyTent completely (and put it on the ground). Although there was snow in the pool, it was clean. After the snow showers I pulled the tent up and closed it again and “my swimming pool continued with its hibernation”.

And now? The sun has been shining for a few days, so the kids can enter the water. It is already 25 ° C. And that is in mid-April!

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