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Which swimming pool heating suits you?

You like to jump into your outdoor pool as often as possible and we understand that. In summer, colder pool water is great for cooling down. But in spring and autumn, it is unfortunately too cold for swimming. The sun warms the water slowly, but how do you make sure the water stays warm? You can use pool heating for this. Read here what types of pool heating exist and what the best option is for you.

Pool heating through solar power

Solar mats and solar collectors are a cheap and environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool. The only costs are the purchase costs. The water is heated by the sun, but only when the sun is shining. Because the swimming pool is not covered, the water cools down quickly and the warmth will not be retained. We therefore recommend purchasing a swimming pool cover for optimal heat retention.

Heat pump

The heat pump is a popular way to heat the swimming water. The pump extracts energy from the outside air, converts it into heat and finally this is being added to the swimming water. The disadvantage is that while using the heat pump, electricity is used. In addition, a water pump can cause noise nuisance.

Electric heating and a heat exchanger

An electric heater heats your pool water like a sort of water boiler. The water runs along a spiral and is heated by electricity. A heat exchanger is connected to your central heating and transfers the heat from the central heating to your swimming pool. With both options there is no pool cover included, so the warmth is not retained and the energy costs are high. 


The SunnyTent is the kind of swimming pool heater that not only heats the water but also keeps the warmth inside the dome. The SunnyTent is made of foil that is used in the horticultural greenhouses and is fully heated by the sun. So no energy costs! Furthermore, the SunnyTent serves as a cover and keeps the water clean of leaves and insects, which also saves water.

What is the best swimming pool heater?

The above options are all good ways to heat your swimming pool water. Retaining the warmth is another matter and that is where the SunnyTent excels. The SunnyTent is the most efficient way to heat your pool water as well as being environmentally friendly, durable and cheap. With this way of heating your pool, the swimming water is usually more than 25 degrees Celsius from mid-April till mid-September. Also perfect as a hot tub tent!

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