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When should I change my swimming pool filter?

Would you like to swim all summer long and enjoy beautifully clear and hygienic pool water? Of course, who wouldn’t. A pool filter pump is crucial to keep the water in your swimming pool clean from dirt and bacteria. But when do you change the filter of the filter pump?

What does the pump do?

The filter pump is essential for a clean pool. But what does it actually do? A filter pump ensures that the pool water is pumped around and that dirt particles are filtered out of the water. We recommend pumping the water at least twice a day to keep it clean. To remove larger dirt particles, such as leaves, twigs and insects, from the pool, use a scoop net. Do this before turning on the swimming pool filter pump.

Turn the filter pump on during the hottest hours of the day, when the chance of algae growth is greatest. If you want to swim during the day, turn the pump on before and after your swim. Make sure to turn it off when swimming!

Do not confuse this filter pump with a pool heat pump, because it does not filter. The heat pump is a way of heating up the swimming water and electricity is used for this purpose. The SunnyTent heats up the water and retains the heat. At the same time, the pool dome also ensures clean swimming water. In addition, the SunnyTent does not use electricity, so no high energy costs! 

How often do I change the filter?

The filter in the swimming pool filter pump is a kind of cartridge that you should replace every so often. With intensive use as in summer, you should replace this filter cartridge every fortnight. To extend the life of the cartridge, we recommend cleaning the Intex pool filter with the garden hose after each use of the filter pump. In normal use, replace the filter every four weeks. Please note, always turn off the pump before replacing the cartridge!

Keep your pool extra clean!

Filtering your pool water can be combined with other ways of keeping it clean. Disinfect the pool water with chlorine and prevent bacteria from living or staying in the water. Before you do this, check the pH value of the pool. These work together and without the right pH, the chlorine cannot do its job. Read more about how to determine the pH level and chlorine level of the pool water in this blog.

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