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What is the ideal swimming pool temperature? How do you keep it ideal?

The ideal temperature for your outdoor swimming pool

The ideal swimming pool temperature is somewhere between 25 and 28 ° C on average. This is approximately 10 ° C cooler than the average body temperature. With pool water colder than 15 ° C there is a risk of hypothermia. Too hot water temperature prevents the body from cooling down, which can cause overheating.

The ideal swimming pool temperature for babies, toddlers and the elderly

Because of the relatively large skin surface of babies and toddlers, they cool off faster in the water. That is why a swimming pool of around 32 ° C is ideal for them. This higher temperature is also ideal for disabled people and the elderly. They are often less active, which means they cool down faster.

Ways to maintain the ideal swimming pool temperature

When an outdoor swimming pool in the United Kingdom is naturally heated, it often does not get warmer than around 20 ° C. Unfortunately, this is a few degrees below the ideal pool temperature. There are different ways to heat your swimming pool. The SunnyTent is a transparent tent that works like a greenhouse. In such a horticultural greenhouse, it is rarely cooler hot than 25 ° C from April to September, resulting in the bathing water being almost always never less than 25 ° C.

As you can see in the graph above, the swimming pool water in a SunnyTent is on average 10 ° C higher than without a SunnyTent. With this you achieve and maintain the ideal swimming pool temperature from April to September. That means swimming fun for around 130 days a year!

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