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Tips to keep your pool in the garden warm

You want to use your outdoor pool as often as possible. Unfortunately, the water is often too cold for swimming in spring and autumn. The sun heats up the water slowly, but how do you best retain this heat? Check out our tips for keeping your pool warm.

Heating your pool

Your pool does not heat up by itself, you can use a pool heater to warm it up. There are many different options for heating your pool. Try to choose an option that does not require a lot of energy and that minimizes heat loss. For example, solar heating is cheap, but you lose heat when the sun is not shining.

Keep your entire pool warm

Although a pool cover ensures that the water at the surface loses less heat, a pool dome slows down the cooling of the entire pool. By covering the entire pool with a SunnyTent, heat cannot escape from the sides of your pool. The only side you won’t cover with this is the bottom. The ground temperature is often much lower than the outside air temperature. It is therefore very important to insulate the bottom of your pool well. Various tiles or slabs are available for this purpose.

Heat your pool by filtering it

By turning on your pool filter pump during the day, you mix the warm top layer with the colder bottom layer. This allows you to heat the entire pool, instead of just the top layer of water. You also ensure that the water absorbs maximum heat. “It is better to leave your pool filter pump off at night. Stagnant water cools down slower. Compare it with a cup of tea; when you stir it, it cools down faster.

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