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Time to get your pool ready for the summer!

It’s April, time to set up your pool! Or has your swimming pool been up all winter? Either way, it’s time to prepare your pool for summer. Enjoy your pool all summer long by taking the following steps.

  • Cleaning your pool

A fresh start is important to minimize pool maintenance during the season. The first step is therefore, to clean your pool. When you set up your pool, it is important that you first carefully clean the inside and outside with a liner cleaner. If you left your pool in the winter, you will have to take some additional steps. For example, you need to remove the winter cover from your swimming pool. Let this dry well and store it carefully in a dry place. Remove all the dirt that has fallen into the pool with a landing net or vacuum cleaner. Remove the winter floats and gizzmo from the pool and remove all winter plugs. Finally, carefully clean the inside with a liner cleaner.

  • Fill your pool with water

Now that the pool is clean, it is time to fill it with water. Use tap water for this and not spring or ground water as the pH and iron value can be too high. Fill up the pool and bring the water level to the correct height. With most swimming pools, this is the case when the skimmer is three-quarters under water.

  • Check the pool pump

Before you turn on the pool pump, check that there are no leaks. Start by checking all connections for leaks. Then you check the pool pump itself. Make sure the grille or filter is clean.

  • Turn on the pool pump

Now that you have checked the pool filter pump, it’s time to turn it on. However, this will not be enough to have clear swimming water all summer. For that you still have to get the water balance in order.

  • Making the water pH balance is correct

Start by adjusting the pH level. Measure the pH value with a test kit. Use the ph-minus or pH-plus to get the pH value between 7.2 and 7.4. Is the pH value correct? Then it is time to measure the chlorine content. The ideal level is between 1 and 3 ppm. A chlorine shock may be required to achieve this. Turn on the pool filter pump to mix the chemicals through the pool water. Measure the values until they are correct. The water balance should now be in order.

  • Time for a refreshing dip!

Now your pool is ready for use! Is it still a bit chilly to swim? With a SunnyTent, you can heat the water up to 25 °C within a few days. The pool dome works like a greenhouse. This way you can swim in a warm and clean pool from spring to autumn.

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