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The SunnyTent over an inground pool

The SunnyTent can be used for both above ground pools and built-in / inground pools. Do you have an inground pool? We have listed a number of points of note for you.

Points to note for an inground pool

The SunnyTent can also be placed over inground swimming pools. Many users already use their SunnyTents for this purpose. We would like to point out a number of points that are important for an inground pool.

Heating the swimming water

An inground pool often loses a lot of heat through the sides and bottom of the pool. Especially if there is too little insulation material between the pool and the earth / ground. In fact, you get the “basement” effect; a basement in a private house is always cooler than the ambient temperature in summer (often approx. 18 ° C). If your inground pool is not properly insulated, it is difficult to get and keep the water warm. Even with a SunnyTent.

The installation over an inground pool

In principle, the installation of the SunnyTent is exactly the same as with an above ground swimming pool. However, there are a few extra points of attention when installing the SunnyTent over an inground pool.

1. Flat surface

An important point of attention is that the SunnyTent must always be installed on a flat surface. Make sure that the SunnyTent can be closed completely, so that no wind can get under the tent.

2. Hard surface around your inground pool

The ground around an inground pool is often paved. See our information about installation on a hard surface to explore how you can best install the SunnyTent. Make sure that the SunnyTent is properly secured.

3. Enough space at the back

Make sure there is enough space between the front and back of the pool and the SunnyTent (on the ground), approx. 40 cm. Otherwise, the tent foil might fall / hang in the water when the SunnyTent is opened. This can damage the tent foil.

4. Install the oval SunnyTent

The installation of the oval SunnyTent over an inground swimming pool involves some complications, when joining the two head section and the middle section of the tent foil. This is done in the middle of the SunnyTent, directly above the pool. Installation is still possible by laying a plank over the pool or using steps / ladder in the pool. With the latter, be careful not to damage your bottom of the pool.

A SunnyTent in your garden

After all this, we would like to point out one more thing: Many customers have a lot more fun with their inground pool with our pool dome. You will find plenty of examples in our photo gallery.
Do you have any questions? Our customer service is available 7 days a week to answer your questions.

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