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The SunnyTent as jacuzzi / hot tub tent

Can you only use your SunnyTent over a swimming pool? Absolutely not! This dome tent can also be used to cover a sandbox, vegetable garden, jacuzzi, hot tub and in-ground trampolines. In this blog we focus on the jacuzzi / hot tub.

Why a SunnyTent as cover for the hot tub / jacuzzi?

There are many advantages when you use a jacuzzi cover. The canopy for the jacuzzi ensures that the water stays clean of leaves and other dirt. This way, you do not have to change the water every time. However, you should keep an eye on the pH level and the chlorine concentration, in order for the water to stay really clean. The SunnyTent is a bit different to a normal hot tub cover. This dome tent not only keeps the water clean, but also the outside of your hot tub. The SunnyTent catches all the dirt.

Besides keeping your hot tub clean, this hot tub dome also keeps the water warm. This is due to the special foil that the tent is made of. This special foil is used in greenhouses and not only heats the water, but keeps the heat inside the tent. Continuously heating your hot tub in the garden costs a lot of energy and therefore money. With the SunnyTent this is no longer necessary, because this hot tub tent retains the heat for a long period.

Do you want to enjoy your hot tub in the winter? Then the SunnyTent hot tub dome is a must-have for you! This hot tub canopy keeps you covered and warm in the winter, even in the rain and wind. When you want to enjoy the fresh air, simply open the hot tub dome. You can open it one-third or all the way. This way you can relax in your own jacuzzi / hot tub even in winter.

We have a matching SunnyTent for every size of hot tub. Take a look in our webshop and see what size tent fits your hot tub!

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