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The best outdoor games in the summer

Playing outside is very healthy for children. It decreases screen time and stimulates development. Children can learn to discover a lot outside, but it is also good to challenge them with games. In this blog we list the best summer games. Playing outside has never been so much fun!

  • Tag

The classic game of tag is as popular as ever. Running around so that you get warm quickly. Online you will find many different versions to keep it fun.

  • Hide and seek

Another classic. Also, nice to try the reverse version; Someone is hiding and the rest go looking. As soon as they find the “hide” they stay with him until everyone has found the hiding place.

  • Playing in the sandbox

Children often sit still in the sandbox, but they can still get warm here. How? With the help of the SunnyTent. When you put this transparent tent over your sandbox, the children can even play in the sandbox in the chilly autumn air.

  • Ball toss

Choose one child as the ‘it’ in the middle. The rest of the children stand in a circle and play a ball over. The ‘it’ tries to get the ball away. Make it even more exciting by creating a time limit!

  • Trampolining

Take part in a competition to see who can jump highest or make a most spectacular somersault on the trampoline. When you use a SunnyTent as a trampoline tent, the children can even play outside on the trampoline in winter. In addition, they do not get wet in a sudden summer shower.

Water games

The best outdoor games in the summer are the games with water. Children need to cool off in the summer and that is best with an outdoor swimming pool.

  • Swimming

The only way to really let your kids cool off in the summer with a fresh dip in the water. Secretly it is also a relief for yourself. Do you have a swimming pool in the garden? Then get more out of your swimming pool with a SunnyTent. This pool dome ensures that the pool water remains clean, because leaves, blossom and bird droppings no longer end up in the water. When the pool dome is closed, the water also heats up quickly.

  • Bottle football

A well-known water game is bottle football. Each child fills a plastic bottle with water. Then the children face each other. With a ball they can try to knock over each other’s bottle and of course they must prevent their own bottle from falling over!

  • Water-fight

An old-school water fight is always a hit. Use empty bottles, sponges or water guns and fill them with water. The goal is to make your opponent as wet as possible. Playing outside becomes a lot of fun in the summer!

  • Water balloons

Last but not least, and certainly a fun activity, is catching water balloons. Make two teams or play one against one. Next, fill two buckets with the same amount of filled water balloons. The children have to throw the balloons one by one from a line to a team member who is trying to catch the balloons on the other side. The captured balloons are put in an empty basket. The team with the most whole balloons wins!

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