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The best activities for outdoor fun in the autumn

What child doesn’t want to play outside all year round? Unfortunately, in autumn, it is often too chilly or wet to go outside. Yet there are plenty of fun and games to enjoy outside in autumn. Here are some ideas.
The best activities for outdoor fun in the autumn

Activities for playing outside in the cold

During the cold autumn and winter days it is important that the children stay warm. With these active games you can get their blood flowing!

1. Tag

The classic tag remains top of the list! Great for running around so you stay warm. You will find many different variants online to keep it fun.

2. Hide and seek

Another classic. Also, fun to try the reverse version; Someone is hiding and the rest is searching. As soon as they find the “hider”, they stay with him, until everyone has found the place.

3. Circle ball / hit ball

Choose who is ‘it’. The rest of the children stand in a circle and throw a ball over and back to each other. The ‘it’ tries to intercept and catch the ball. Whoever threw the ball is then ‘it’.

4. Jump on the trampoline

Competition to see who can jump the highest or make the best somersault on the trampoline. When you use a SunnyTent as a trampoline tent, the children can play outside on the trampoline even in winter.

5. Obstacle course

Let your children build an obstacle course. Race around the course. Who is the fastest? Who didn’t knock any obstacles?

6. Play in the sandpit

Children love sand, but on a cold day??? How? Using the SunnyTent. When you place this transparent tent over your sandbox, the children can play in the sandbox even in the cold autumn.

Playing outside when it rains

When it rains, we prefer to be warm and dry indoors. Yet you can also enjoy playing outside. Discover the best activities for in the rain:

1. Take a rain walk

Take a nice walk through the neighbourhood or the forest in your rain boots with your umbrella. Jumping through the puddles while you hear the rain splashing on the umbrella. Take a waterproof camera to take pictures of the mirror in the puddles or cool jumps. You might even discover a rainbow!

2. Play in the mud

Put on some old clothes for your children and let them mess with mud! Make mud pies, a mud castle with knights and princesses or even a mud farm with toy animals. They could even roll in the mud!

3. Camping in the rain

What could be nicer than listening to the rain that splashes on the tent while you sit inside, nice and dry? Set up a tent or let the children build a tent themselves with plastic sheets / bags. You can even watch the rain fall while sitting under a transparent tent such as the SunnyTent!

4. Create rain art

Did you know that the rain could make art? Have your children draw something on a piece of cardboard or kitchen roll with some chalk, markers or paint. Hang it outside in the rain and watch the colours mix and fade.

5. Play in the sandbox

The kids get dirty and cold in the sandbox, but with the SunnyTent that is a thing of the past. The SunnyTent as a sandbox cover keeps your sandbox dry and ensures a pleasant temperature in which the children can play. Even in the rain!

Playing outside in the snow

Put on a warm coat and gloves and playing outside in the snow can begin!

Throw snowballs

You can think of all kinds of games with snowballs. Do you already know snow hit? The same rules apply as a hit ball, but now you have to make the ball (s) yourself! A snowball fight is also always fun. Not snowing? Then roll up some old socks and use them as snowballs.

Build a Snowman

Hold a snowman competition. Who can make the most beautiful / creative / alternative snowman? Decorate your snowman with stones, twigs or your own hat.

Sleigh ride

Climb a hill and see who can slide down the fastest. Or do a sledge relay. One child pulls the sled while another sits on it. As soon as you reach the other side, switch and come back as quickly as possible. The team that returns first wins.


Make ice-bowling balls by filling up balloons with water and freezing them overnight (outside or in the freezer). The next day you can puncture the balloon and have ice-bowling balls. Make a slippery bowling alley in the snow and the bowling can begin!

Hide and seek

You can hide many things in a layer of snow. One child hides as many toys as possible in the snow, while the others go looking for them. The person who has found the most can then be the ‘hider’.

Help birds

Some birds stay in our country even in winter. It is then more difficult to get food. Help the birds by making a peanut garland or a fat ball yourself. Hang it up in the garden, then you can also spot birds! Take pictures and make a list of all the birds in your garden!

Create snow art

Make a snow angel by lying on your back in the snow and moving your arms and legs sideways. Or grab your paints and make a painting on the snow!

Get out there and have fun!!

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