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The 5 most useful accessories for your swimming pool

Do you already have a swimming pool in your garden or are you gathering information to perhaps buy one? Here, we share 5 useful accessories that you may not have yet, but will certainly need.


A filter pump ensures that the water in the pool is pumped around and therefore filtered. To keep the water clean, we recommend pumping the water around completely at least twice a day. So, don’t be alarmed if your filter is “on” for 8 to 10 hours a day. Unfortunately, using a filter alone is not enough. Your water may seem to be completely clean, but bacteria, fungi and green algae can grow in the water. That’s why it’s important to disinfect your water with chlorine and other chemicals. You can administer chlorine in different ways.

Pool cleaner/vacuum cleaner

Pool vacuum cleaners are a perfect tool to clean the bottom and edges of your pool. A pool vacuum cleaner has very strong suction power, so you can use it in the water. The pool vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt and water, and debris such as leaves and sand. The water is guided through a filter. The water flows through the filter back into the pool and the dirt remains in the machine

Landing net

You can easily remove leaves, branches and insects from your pool with a landing net. Indispensable for proper pool cleaning. Landing nets come in different shapes and sizes. You have the smaller landing nets for the children among us and large nets for adults. It can be fun to play a game with your kids while cleaning the pool: who gets the most leaves out of the pool is the winner!


It is always fun to float on water. Inflatables (all sorts!) are a must for the summer and you have a lot of choice. Think of inflatable unicorns, flamingos, donuts, or a beach ball. Nothing is too crazy!


You can almost forget all the top tips if you have a SunnyTent. This pool dome not only heats the pool water, but keeps it clean. That is why it is the number 1 accessory. It extends your swimming season, without increasing your energy costs. The makes the SunnyTent the sustainable and clean choice.

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